more tests finally

more tests finally

more tests finally Some of you will have read my threads over the last few weeks concerning the lack of further tests offered by some health authorities. I have had shoulder pain for 6 wks and went to my GP first as suggested on this site. She prescribed anti-inflamatories and exercise. This did not work so I mentioned it at my first 3mth check with surgeon.

I had also found a lump in my shoulder so was given an x-ray which was all clear. I know this should be good news but I have no confidence in this test (I have a friend with bone mets).

After a very stressful wk, my oncologist has offered me a bone scan so I am now waiting for the date to go and have that. I am feeling a lot more settled now I have been listened to, but it is a shame you have to be so forceful to be heard.

Now I just have to hope it is muscle strain or some such ailment not secondary bresat cancer, wish me luck.


More Tests Irene, Sorry to hear that you have lost confidence in your local authority. Give them a quick shove in the right direction, by maybe making a phone call. Tell them you are an Oncology patient and that you are worried (If this happens in the future).They really do respond fairly quickly. But getting back to your shoulder- I too had dreadful pain in my left shoulder and down my arm, and told my Onc who sent me for a MRI of the shoulder. It turns out that it was not cancer, but severe wear & tear in the joint and bone itself. I was sent to a specialist who has given me an injection in one place, and I have to see how it goes before I have another one in the other place.
My bone scan showed a hot spot in the shoulder too. So it just goes to show, that they are not always cancers, but arthritis or as I said wear & tear.
I wish you all the best and hope that you find comfort soon, it’s no good me telling you not to worry, because you will worry no matter what. Love n Hugs - Poplarlady xx