More than 10 years on anastrozole

I’ve now been on anastrozole for well over the 10 years normally prescribed - in fact over 11 1/2 years, and I wondered if anyone else has. It may be that my doctor has just taken his eye off the ball, as routine prescription reviews at my surgery no longer involve a telephone conversation but are done without patient contact by a ‘health professional’. I’m inclined not to question this as I would prefer to stay on it for at least 15 years. I was stage 2, no lymph node involvement, but the tumour was very close to the chest wall and the negative margin was only 1mm.  I don’t have any of the joint pain etc  side effects from anastrozole (lucky me!) although my bone density has deteriorated. I was on bone strengthening drugs for years but didn’t tolerate them well and am now on yearly Zometa infusions. I had the first of these a few months ago and nothing was said at the hospital about the length of time I’ve been on anastrozole. Other than that, my hair has thinned drastically, especially in the last year, but I’ve always had fine hair and that may have happened anyway (I’m 66). Has anyone else been on this drug this long?

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Hope someone comes along who can be more helpful. 

I am not in your position.  I have only been taking Anastrazole for just over 2 years.  It is good to hear about a positive experience on the drug… And a very long one too!  I have attached an article for your interest.  Although it is not specifically about being on Anastrazole for over 10 years,  there is a suggestion of extending treatment/discussion of 15 year treatment.


It is a bit concerning that no one has checked how long you have been taking the drug/have not reviewed it with you.   I suppose we also have to be more responsible for and rely on ourselves as well.  I can understand your reticence not to rock the boat so to speak.  It may feel like you are cutting away your safety net.   However,  it may be worth you checking, either via your own research,/getting a general check up/via other means to ascertain whether continuing the drug may be increasing the odds of  high risk events occurring such as effect on cholesterol,  cardiovascular system, bone mineral density (although the Zometa should assist with that.).   

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