More Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

More Waiting!!!1

More Waiting!!!1 Hi There

I got out of the clinic today and burst into tears. I think I had built myself up so much that today was the day I would be told everything was ok. Not the case!
Saw a lovely doctor who started by talking about the ultrasound report she had received. She said it was inconclusive and although nothing sinister was recorded she could not rule out BC.
She then did a FNAC and asked me to listen to the clicking sound it made as she pushed the fine needle in and out-she replied its sounds hard doesn’t it. She said it may not be conclusive but may give a better indication of what it is.

She then talked about the BC in my family and said this could put me at an increased risk but first she said we need to find out what your lump/thickening is first. Exactly what I wanted to hear-‘what the hell is it’ ?
She spent a fair while with me and examined my breast for ages, she said she could feel the area and that it was very prominent from the other breast tissue ( I actually think it has now grown)She asked if it had changed with my monthly cycle and I replied no.She then said she would have been reassured it was not BC if the lump had changed with my cycle, but was not reassured. She actually seemed concerned in what she was saying, how she said it and her body language but did add it could still be fibrous in nature.
She said that although I am under 35yrs old she wants to do a mamo to see a better picture of what is going and determine what this lump is. (appointment in the post- within the next 6wks) then back to see consultant 2wks after that for results and ant further investigation.(more waiting…) My area has not come up trumps again re: waiting time. I soooooooooooo wish I was able to access one stop services. Hubby thinks I should ring BUPA?
Still…after all this it could still be fibrous so fingers crossed.

I have been back from my appointment for a couple of hours and feel a lot calmer than when I left the clinic. I walked round co-op in an absolute daze, I was shaking. Now after a glass of wine I feel bit more relaxed and will just have to get my head around more waiting.

I will be posting in the mean time as I feel some sleepless nights ahead.

Take Care
Thank you for all your support so far and in advance for the future.

Lol Vx

Hi Victoria

So sorry to hear that you had a rough time today, I really hope it’s nothing sinister.

I know how you feel about the waiting, I live in a very remote area and we do not have a one stop clinic. I had a fairly large lump when I saw my GP at the start of May last year. I was not finally diagnosed until 18th August! Whch was more than enough waiting for me - I guess I got through the time by convincing myself that nothing was wrong and that it was a Fibroadenoma or somethng similar, I got quite a shock when I did find out!

Anyway I hope you get your appointment through quickly for the mammo. Can you phone the consultants secretary about the results of the FNA done today? Mine took about 10 days to come back, I have to say though that I think if they do get a conclusive +ve result from that, then they will call you back sooner? That’s my nurses head on board, not that it’s much good these days :wink:

Good luck.

Lynn x

I feel for you Hi Victoria
just read your post, am really sorry you have still not had the results today, that you wanted, you mention that Hubby suggested you ring BUPA if you are paying into BUPA you can get a Mamogram through them, that is what my sister did, and then had all other tests through the NHS she had the Mamo wiithin a couple of days and the result within the week, you could also ask the Consultant to make your referral urgent, then you might get an earlier appointment, hold on in there, your results can still come back negative for BC, we are all rooting for you
loads of hugs
thinking of you and take care
I’m hear if you need to have a rant

Hi Victoria

Bupa would be unlikely to take you on with this condition, unless you can get it through work as they sometimes have a policy that will take you on once you have been to a consultant.

just to say sorry you have got to wait, but to say went through bupa myself the last time, the time before was NHS which both me and my Hubby agreeded was so much better than private, due to consultants having limited time at the private hospitals it took 4 weeks from start to finish and I didnt have any other tests than a mamo and us scan, we mone about the NHS but if there is something wrong they are normally pretty good, to let you know a friend of mine had throat cancer (I know a bit different) but was told she would get an appiontment with in 6 weeks of a biopsy, the consulatant called her 5 days later and asked her to come in that afternoon, hopfully if its anything bad they will call before the 6 weeks.

good luck


Hi Victoria,

It’s very hard when you get your mind focused on hearing results only to be told you need more tests. But the doctor you saw sounds lovely and was very thorough - that can only be a good thing.

Waiting 6 weeks for your mammogram is a long time though. Can they push it through as urgent? (Sometimes you have to be a bit firm and demanding - in a nice way - to get things moving. Certainly worth a try.) Perhaps call the doctor back or see your GP?

I am with BUPA but had all my initial tests done on the NHS. They were very quick. Couldn’t fault them and the lovely staff. I was ‘lucky’ I suppose that they diagnosed my BC at my first appointment. I had my mastectomy done in a private hospital and I get to see my consultant at each appointment. If you have it, use it. If you are thinking of going with BUPA, it’s highly unlikely they will cover for a condition you already have.

Just wanted to send lots of love to you. Keep glugging the wine - anything to help stay calm :slight_smile:

BIG hugs – you can do this!!!

Jacki xxxxxxx

? hello…

i’m sorry you have more waiting to do - i know how frustrating it is… It boggles the mind how long one has to wait - but on the other hand if it were likely that it were serious, wouldn’t they bump you up and get you in sooner? If so, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing… ?

I’m so naive… all this is so new to me.

Can you tell me what a one stop clinic is? i’m not sure if the one i’m going to is “one stop”
The doc that referred me said that they would do FNA and I was to take a book as it could be a couple of hours to wait for the results…

does this mean i will find out on the same day? I have no clue what to expect.

Thank you.

What a pain! Hi V,

what a bl**dy pain that you are still left in no-mans land. I wish for your sake you could’ve had a definate result yesterday. The doc you saw sounds lovely and v.thorough but I really do think that 6 weeks is far too long for them to expect you to wait for the mammo. Did she indicate whether you may get the results of the FNAC before this at all??

I thought that the new government guidelines, in cases where cancer can not be totally ruled out, were that you would have all the necessary tests within 2 weeks. I’m quite sure this is not a postcode lottery but actual govt stuff.

I tell you what, it had better be blo*dy fibrous after they’ve kept you waiting this long!!! Or they’ll have me and all the others that use this site to deal with!!! Think of the unecessary stress they seem to insist on putting you through. I’m getting really wound up as I’m writing this now cause its really really not on. A friend of mine was diagnosed last year and she waited just 2 weeks to have her op as her consultant was going on holiday. Anyway, in this 2 weeks alone her tumour had more than doubled in size! What was supposed to be a lumpectomy then turned into a mastectomy. Sorry v, don’t wish to scare you at all, just telling it like it is.

I still have my fingers and toes crossed that the news for you will be good. Good news will be worth the wait. Hope you had many more glasses of wine when you got home last night!! I am about to have a blue wkd which is my new thing at the mo. Feeling much more ‘normal’ today so intend to make the most of it!

Take care mate, and I hope I haven’t scared you or made you mad with this message. Don’t mean to, honest. (Haven’t had any pm’s since the last one a few days ago).

Hope to hear from you soon,



Thanks for all your replies

I called the breast care nurse toady who said the consultant would need to look at my referral for mammo to see if he agreed to proceed as I am 33 nearing 34th consultant yrs old. (for ******* sake the consultant at breast clinic asked for it). The about 2 weeks wait so not so bad. My plan is to bug them from Monday onwards!!!

Was out with friends tonight so appols for my typing )mental release) as my friend of 16 yrs is moving away. Another mutual very close friend said she had gone to a private hospital in London and had all tests including mammo in the same day ( I believe what some of have access to anyway) I am going to phone them first thing tomorrow as I feel I am loosing the grip. I’m a rational person and in my job I deal with other peoples crisis everyday but I feel so anxious inside and I cannot explain my feelings well. I know that statistically the probability is that my lump is benign but after nearly 8 weeks living with the unknown I just don’t know how much uncertainty I can cope with.

I am aware that those facing diagnosis and treatment for BC are in potentially a very different position but I feel so on edge.

Thank you again for all your kindness and support over the last two months

Take Care

PS Princess I pm’d the other day did you get it. I’m not sure you will want to maintain cyber friendship if mine hopefully(fingers and everything crossed) comes back benign but I am going to PM my personal email to you as I would really like to keep in touch whatever the outcome. I hope I can support you in the future whenever I can. Pls don’t think you have upset me, I am p*********** too! and this continued waiting is just like a form of psychological torture that is out of my control.

Sorry Just had a few wines and feeling sore and V emotional tonight and can’t sleep…


Tiddly girl! Hi V,

you little drunkard!! The pm you sent me actually makes a lot more sense than this does so I’m glad I read that first!!! LOL!

Have pm’d you back. I would absolutely love to keep in touch with you, its been great being able to sound you out about stuffand long may it continue!

Take care,


you made me laugh Hi Victoria
just read you posting, it made me laugh, which did me the world of good, no idea what you where on about, but what the heck, sounds as if you had a great evening, good on you, in fact I think I may partake in a few bevi’s tonight, hope you haven’t got too much of a hangover this morning. just off for my RADS, last one on Monday, thank god.
take care and thinking of you
loads of hugs

BWAHAHAHAAA!! "I called the breast care nurse toady "

How did the breast care nurse feel about that???

Aaaaah, if we don’t have humor what do we have??.. sorry you’re having a cr*ppy time lately… only 3 more days til my appointment… suddenly it’s become a bit more serious and i’m biting everyone’s head off…!!!

I’m really not nice to be around lately… so thanks for cheering me up (that goes for everyone on here!)