More Waiting

More Waiting

More Waiting Hi, I have started a new thread here for Lorraine.

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More waiting!posted on 16.03.07 11:11 am

Hi ladies

Had lump excision yesterday - day surgery and home by tea time! Treated wonderfully by all the hospital staff involved but glad to sleep in my own bed last night albeit with couple of pillows keeping my husband away from my right side!! I feel fine today but a bit tired which I guess is to be expected after general anaesthetic. Husband is waiting on me hand and foot so I am making the most of it!!

Now the 2 week wait for results to see if the lump was invasive or non-invasive. According to surgeon if it is invasive will need to have further surgery to remove lymph nodes. Can anyone let me know what this involves please?

Thinking of everyone going through the same thing at the moment, particularly waiting for results.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and advice so far.


For lorraine2 Hi lorraine, been looking out for your post following surgery and thinking of you.Sorry to hear you have the same long wait.Do hope that its non invasive for you.Had you felt a lump originally or was it found at mammogram?I think what treatment they do if it is invasive depends on the grade of cancer.I found the breast care nurses at the hospital very helpful.maybe they could talk you through what may happen?Hope your dad is improving and that you are keeping strong and positive.Best wishes Sally

For Sally Hi Sally

Thanks for thinking of me. Did not feel any lump despite regular self examination but it was behind right nipple and doctor could not feel it either - showed on mammogram though.

Surgeon has said I will need removal of lymph nodes if the lump turns out to be invasive followed by radiotherapy. The BC nurses have been brilliant but they dont want to jump the gun and are just advising me to sit tight which as we all know is difficult when waiting for life changing results.

Dad is improving but we have not told him what is going on with me as I fear this will just depress him. I have a fantastic husband and great family and friends and of course this website so I am feeling upbeat and positive so just a question of waiting it out.