More waiting

Went to the “one Stop” clinic today - only to be told for me it was not going to be one stop.

The mammogram showed a lump, but the ultrasound did not show anything so no biospy - so now have to go back on the 20th for a core biopsy guided by mammo (not looking forward to that!) and then results 7-10 days later (seems a long time for results). Dr said “concerned” about the mammo - so again feeling left in the air!


Hi Tinkers

Sorry that your feeling left in the air, I hope all goes well for you on the 20th, I had to wait 10 days for my results. That was the bit that did my head in.

Maggie x

Hi Tinkers

Sorry to hear you have to have further tests done. I was lucky in the fact that I had mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy done in same day, but still had to wait a week for results.
In my case, results weren’t good as I have BC but this isn’t always the case when something shows up on mammogram, thats why they are doing core biopsy for you. To put your mind at rest about the core biopsy, it really isn’t that bad, I didn’t think it was any worse than having a cervical smear done. (what we have to go through eh!).
Anyway Tinkers, I know that you will be worried, it is only natural, try to keep busy in the week waiting for results and you can always talk with all of us on this site about your worries, results etc…
Take care, hope all goes well for you.


hi tinkers
i,m sorry you have to wait again i pray it will be good news, i had fna on a cyst but the lump is still there it seems to be attaching to the nipple area i have another US in three weeks

even tho i was told it was a fluid cyst the fna did not get it all out and there is a def mass there and the shape has changed to a more oblong one

prayers with you sweetie


Thanks both of you for your kind words. I am about to finish work for the summer holidays - so with a 5 year old there will be no hanging around!

I am feeling pretty chilled really - I think for me the biggest difficulty is not being able to plan my work - (I work term time onlt for the NHS but also setting up own business). I had to postpone a major project this week because I didn’t know when my appointment wold be, or how “focused” I would be (not very!!LOL). So to my suprise and others amusement I have come to the realisation about how much of a control freak I am! Because of the nature of my business I have decided to refer on the clients that have come to me this week, postpone the courses I was arranging (can’t afford to lose deposits on the venues) and enjoy the holidays with my daughter. We have an old VW camper - so it will be picnics, beach trips and little camp outs over the hols until I get some results! Building my business can wait - a five year olds first long summer holiday can’t!

Love Tinkers

Hi Tinkers,

keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you for tomorrow. Hope all goes well and the news for you is good.

Please remember we are here for you if the news is not so good.

Take care and let us know how you get on,


Hello Tinkers

Good luck for tomorrow.

Take care
Love Anthi x