Morning Ladies

Just thought i would start a new thread as the other 2 are getting a little bit tooooo big (sorry Moderator). (The thing is we just have so much to talk about lol).

How is everyone today… well i hope.

I had a bad night, still awake at 3am. Thinking ’ i dont really need this op and will cancel today’. I know i know that i DO need it and Wont cancel… it was just a bit of blind panic.
Going to pack my bag today for hospital so will pop out for some mags ect incase im in for a long wait to go down to the butchers.

Hope you all fine and dandy
love & hugs
claire xx

Hi Claire

How are you? I know the time before the op is awful. I’ve lost the plot a little, lots going on here and not always able to read the posts. When is your op, I seem to remember 4th Sept but I may be wrong. Are you having the milk ducts removed. Many apologies again if I’ve got that wrong too.

Have stopped taking my arimidex for a week. Just thought I would have a break and see if I feel better. Don’t know whether the Onc or the Dr would approve but so fed up with feeling good one minute and then rotten the next.

Do keep me posted how you are doing, sending you lots of hugs.


H Jan … no mine is Thursday, to be there for 7.30am. Yes im getting the milk ducts removed. Its LJs op on the 4th.
What are the tabs for your on… sorry if i sound a little thick but dont know the names of the tabs.

claire xx

Hi Claire

You will be fine on Thursday, the doctors and nurses are really kind and caring. When will you be discharged?

My tablets are called Arimidex. I was on tamoxifen/zoladex injection for 2 years and had dreadful side effects from the tamoxifen after finishing the zoladex. Had ovaries removed in March and then went on to Arimidex. 4 months later getting all the recognised side effects so took it upon myself to have a week’s break. Beginning to get a little tetchy though with thinking about the “what ifs”. Mind you if this is all that I have then I think myself lucky compared to some.

Keep in touch, I will be thinking of you.

Love Jan

Hi Claire,

I can empathise with what you are going through with sleep etc… most days I’m like a walking zombie, and on bad dys I’m less than useless!! lol

Hows the kids treating you babe? My 3 yr old has gone to Chester zoo today with my friend and her little one, nice to have the day to myself for a change. (I love my friends!!)

My hubby told me last night that my stepsons aunt asked how I was (he was wary about what she meant) and asked her if she meant the hospital, which she did, apparently my stepson had told her about it all and he was in tears, OMG how bad do I feel. I didnt know he cared so much bless him, he’s 12 and has had alot to deal with lately. He’s just moved in with us as his mum has moved abroad. He’s a bright lad and quite difficult to shelter him from some things, this lump being one of them, he wants to know why I’m upset/ sore/ tired etc.

I’m sure he’ll be ok, but I think I might need to be a little more sensitive towards him, as when he asked what was wrong with me, I was quite blase and matter of fact (trying not to show my own concern too much, but when he walks in on me crying, I think he gets the message)

Sorry, sorry, I’m going on abit again aren’t I!!

Hopre your feeling better soon Claire, good luck with the op on Thursday, everything is crossed for you that everything turns out to be fine!

Lots of love,

heidi xx

Hello I’m Marje new to this site .I have not been diagnosed yet ,but go tomorrow for the tissue biopses result. The fine needle biopsy was “suspicious”. I have had two friends with breast cancer but mine presentation is very different to theirs. I am so scared

hi there,

just wanted to pass on my thoughts & best wishes to those having ops soon, especially to Claire for Thursday. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. And to Marjep… hope all goes well for your results tomorrow. I know waiting for results isn’t fun.

I head to the docs tomorrow to see what my next step is… antibiotics are now finished, lump is still there in the breast and the armpit still tender and rather ‘thick’ feeling (if that makes sense!) Doesn’t help that the docs always call me ‘lumpy’! Still getting deep/shooting pains right up into armpit… maybe i need more antibiotics?? Anyway, I am kind of hoping she will refer me for scan as that will make me feel I will get to know for sure the lump is ok.

Hubby has been great telling me I have been through all of this before a few times and my lumps have always been fine so no reason to think this is any different. SO I am trying to stay positive!

Love to all,

p.s. when asked about whether BC is in my family… does my father’s mother count or is it just mother’s side that’s relevant? Thanks.

Hi Claire,
Just to let you know I’m thinking of you, hon, and sending loads of love your way for Thursday. I’ll be sending up some prayers for you on Thursday too. You’ll be fine. Here’s a BIG hug!

Hello Marje,
Welcome to the forum. Every one of us here knows how awful the waiting is; whether it’s waiting for results, an appointment or an op, so we all understand what you’re going through. I was given the all clear at my first hospital appointment so I’m one of the fortunate ones. Because of the tremendous support and care that’s given by the people on this forum, I decided to hang around and continue to offer my support when I can! Please feel free to come here and have a rant when you feel you need to; share any funny stories you want to. One thing’s for sure; we all like a good laugh and it really helps people along. There’s no real point in telling you not to worry because it’s human nature and you’re bound to worry anyway. But don’t forget, we are all here for you. Love and hugs for you, hon.

Nanny, Heidi and Jannie,
Here are some great big hugs for you too! You are all on my list of people I pray for every day. It’s good to try and stay positive but don’t feel too bad if you can’t keep it up all the time. Just make sure you take a bit of time for yourself when you can.

Loads of love and hugs,
beano xxxxxxx

Thank you Beano, Im needing all the hugs and prayers you can send at the mo. As every hour passes i am getting more and more scared. What if i dont come round… it has happened !!! OMG how am i going to make it through this im making myself a wreck.
Im also so so tired but cant sleep.

lots of love to you
claire xxxx


thanks for your prayers… means a lot to hear that someone you don’t even know is praying for you. Glad you got the ‘all clear’ and it’s lovely you stay around to encourage others.

Claire, I will add my prayers for you too… hope you manage to get some rest and peace tonight. Hang in there and look forward to hearing how things go for you after Thursday.



Hi Nanny,

Below I have put you the link to BCC’s publication on Familial Breast Cancer which you may find helpful to read. You can either download this or order a copy on line.

Kind regards,

Joe, Moderator
Breast Cancer Care

Hi Girls

Just to let you know, I have posted about popping the Champagne corks, I have got my third annual mammogram all clear. If I can get 3 years down the line with the all clear then I am so certain and positive that you all can do the same. Remain positive and focused, look whatever comes in the eye and be strong, you will overcome it. I am thinking of you all.

Claire, I will try and speak to you tomorrow but if not I send you all my love and best wishes for Thursday, you will be fine either in the short term or the long term, you will come out the other end a success story.

The same goes for LJ, remain strong and you will succeed.

As you may have guessed, yes I have had Champagne so am feeling a little mushy but my thoughts are sincere and thinking of you, even if I don’t mention you by name.

Love to you all


OH JAN hunny… huge huge huge congrats my love.

Im so so happy for you… im sorry i didnt know you were going for your results.
Im so please and that news has cheered me up.

Have a glass for me
love & hugs
claire xxxxxx

Hi All

CONGRATULATIONS Jan on getting your 3rd year all clear. Must be an amazing feeling and you must be so happy. That is such lovely news to hear.

Claire, I hope that Thursday goes well for you and everything is clear and you can get your life back to normal. Not sure if I will be about much tomorrow, got my 2nd chemo at 11.30, but going in earlier to have bloods done first. So depends on how I am when I get home as to whether will be online (probably will, as all I seem to do nowadays). But anyway, good luck and everything crossed for you.

LJ - hope you are OK today, and not getting too worked up about next Tuesday, am thinking about you and hoping that all is ok. I know you will be worrying, only natural, and Tuesday will come round so fast, and again, hope all goes well and everything clear.

Take care all, thinking about you Claire for Thursday.


Well done Jannie and congratulations!

There are so many positive results lately and I’m sure it has a lot to do with the positive energy coming everyone’s way!

beano x

Good evening ladies!!!

I am ok really…been trying not to think about it as have my son’s bday tomorrow and that is making me sad as my baby will be 6 and he is so lovelly…just been awarded disability living allowance for him today…for some one so young with so many problems …he is an inspiration!!! life is full of unfairness but I was truelly blessed the day he was born!!! ( gone and got my self crying now !!)

Claire…I wish I could give you a hug right now …I am with you I can not sleep yet am so tired…I want to cancel it too and know we have to have this done but I share how you feel and I know it will take every bit of strength and will power to go in to the ward that morning!!! I am here all day tomorrow so will keep checking to see how you are feel free to vent!!!

Beano you are so good to us all!!! sending you a bucket full back xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jan FANTASTIC well done xxx

Dawn how are you today???

Nanny ans marje hope all goes well tomorrow …we are all here for you xx

Heidi how are you?

How is cee and your daughter doing??

and how is everyone eles out there today?

sending you all well deservced hugs xxxxLJ

Hello LJ,
Might need to take you up on that venting tomorrow sweetheart as i feel ill with worry. Being so tired dont help as it makes you more teary.
Aww your baby is getting a big boy… bet he cant sleep either tonight, but with excitment, i remember being a kid and not being able to sleep when it was my birthday/xmas the next day… great feeling. Great news about getting the extra help lovey… every little bit helps.

How is everyone else tonight… i hope well.

Take care and im off to bed as dropping here at the laptop, just hoping im still the same when i get upstairs to bed eh!!

love, hugs and best wishes
claire xxxxxxxx

hi all, wow so many with prayers but i feel claire need the encoragement, honey you will wake up, so please dont be afraid, they are so good now babe

my prayers are with you and a gentle breeze telling you its ok to be afraid

jan fantastic news

lj i will be holding prayers for you on the 4th

marjep prayers for you sweetie

all my love

Thanks cee!!! I have been saying some for you and your daughter all week xxx and me and claire and everyone eles for that matter …have to go to bed earlier to get it all done these days!! sending you big hugs xxx

Thank you louby!

And here are some for you as well; WHOOOOOSH!

And also, of course, for ceegra, Claire and everyone. You’re all on my list!

beano xxxxxxxx