Morning Stiffness

I finished 6 rounds of FEC-T at the end of 2013

I’m 53 and would consider myself fairly fit, I survived my first spin class last week!  Hate to blow my own trumpet but the instructor said I did well to keep up as it had been a ‘brutal’ session.


my problem is first thing in the morning I feel like I’m 80, my hands are so stiff that I can’t clench a fist, they are quite painful.  All my joints are stiff and I have to come down the stairs one step at a time as I don’t trust my knees not to give out.  Later in the day I can happily run up & down stairs carrying a laundry basket.


My oncologist said he was sorry but it was his fault… chemo just keeps on giving :frowning:


So my question is has anyone who has suffered similar found anything to make the joints a little less stiff.


I’ve tried glucosamine not convinced that did anything…maybe dosage wasn’t high enough?!


the best I’ve found so far is evening primrose oil.

Hi Nikki,
How about omega 3 fish oils. Not sure where you live but I find the staff in Wholefoods to be so knowledgeable when it comes to supplements. I am thinking anything that may reduce inflammation: Omega 3, turmeric, low dose aspirin. Avoid too much omega 6 such as sunflower oil as this increases inflammation. S xx

Hi Nikki49,


I finished chemotherapy in Jan, surgery then rads in June, but like yourself I am having bad pains in my joints. When I read your thread, I was almost releived, that it’s not just me. Yep straightening out my hands, and I go down the stairs sideways, one step at a time first thing. I am 48, fit and healthy like yourself, but just first thing I feel like I have the body of someone twice my age. It clears fairly quickly and I am able to exercise ok. I don’t really have an answers in terms of what to do to help it, but so you know it’s not just you.  Chemotherapy really is the gift that keeps on giving. I am seeing my Dr on Thursday, so will ask what is the best remedy for this. 



Hi Nikki,

I’m the same in the morning. Takes me about 10 minutes to get going and stand up straight. With me it’s my feet and lower back mainly. After that, I’m normally fine although I do find it starts up again if for example I’m sat at my desk at work for too long without a break when I have to stagger around the office for a minute or two until I’m normal again. For me, it’s obviously to do with inactivity/activity. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing 20 minutes gentle yoga every day and it’s improved things although not completely gone away. 

Ruth xx