Mosquito repellant tips

I’ve got a holiday booked that I’m really looking forward to apart from I know mosquitos see me as a buffet! Has anyone here who has had ANC got any recommendations for keeping the mozzies away from my lymphoedema risk arm?

Tropical strength deet repels and kills. You need one with high percentage of chemical. It smells horrible. Certain countries are worse than others. Some African areas can have particularly lethal kinds of malaria. Generally Indian ones not as bad. They are worst at sunset and sunrise. Keep covered dusk and dawn and use mozzie net too or air conditioning keeps them at bay. Depends on how you are travelling how much risk you will be exposed to. Also can look on line at advice to travellers from Government. I was worried about  mozzies in Sardinia but most were killed after the Second World War by the Allies who used DDT everywhere. This isn’t allowed these days!

Good luck