mosquitos cause first lymphodema

Hi everyone,
just wanted to share - just been to visit some friends in greece who run a b and b there - was obsessive about mosquito repellent on the arm affected by node clearance…except one morning when i went to kitchen for cuppa before applying it, and got bitten in a little fold of my chubby arms, just by the elbow - 12 hours later and I have lymphodema for the first time since op 2.5 years ago …boy did that ruin my hols…
anyway the exercises from the haven saved the day and I am now only a little lop sided…hoping the BCN can give more advice on wed…
really took me back to health anxiety tho just when i thought I was back to mental and physical wellness. OH understands wonderfully, but some of my friends really don’t really get it - some do bless them…
hey ho
the learning for me is YOU CAN NEVER RELAX YOUR GUARD…
all the best lasses, nicola

Gosh, you must be so fed up, as you say we all have one of those moments when we haven’t put repellant on. I’m usually really vigilant with this, but last year I went to Center Parcs and forgot - I got bitten on the foot by something and it cut short my holiday as I had to get emergency treatment for it. Goodness knows what it would have been like if it had been my arm…
I’m always very aware that my bad arm is an inch bigger in circumference to my good one, I can’t wear dropped shoulder tops. My elderly next door neighbour who’s in her 80s told me that she remembers women being treated for breast cancer years ago and they all had one really swollen arm. Guess they all had lymphodoema.
Read an article in the news the other week that a Professor at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee says removal of the lymph notes in cancer patients often doesn’t get taken seriously enough by the medical profession, esp GPs. I’m convinced in my case it’s why I have had BP problems and swollen feet/ankles for the past 5 years now. I had to insist my GP did something about it recently as I was going for hospital appointments, being told to see my GP about my high BP but she would just poo-poo it. I’m now on a low dose diuretic and can’t remember the last time I had such slim feet and ankles!

Thanks for the reminder Nicola - I’m off to Skiathos on Friday!

Good reminder. I think this is why so many BCNs in Scotland nag us to wear long sleeves as the midges are vicious… I currently have a leg that looks like a map of the British Empire (large patches of red) after begin bitten. SO glad my ‘at risk’ arm was covered and my hand in my pocket! I’m told ‘Smidge’ is the answer to a maiden’s prayer in this regard… other products are available, including Avon Skin So Soft (which works but needs constant replenishing)

Thanks everyone for kind wishes, and good ideas - have fun on hols DJ …vigilence is the only way - very boring but neccessary!

One for Harry Potter fans - that sounds like a Prof Moody quote ‘Constant vigilance!’

nice !