Mother might have BRCA1, getting more worried!

Unfortunately, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. Everything has been very quick from this point, and yesterday a blood test was done so they could check whether she had any of the gene mutations. She’s only 48, so quite young, and so far everything’s looking really positive apart from the genetic stuff. They’re still waiting on HER2 status, but so far the other hormone receptors have been negative. There’s  been no other breast cancers we’re aware of in the family, so it looks like my mum might be the first. The woman at the consolation yesterday explained that triple negative breast cancer, which is high grade and diagnosed under age 60 is more likely to be genetic (BRCA1 to be exact), and if this HER2 result comes back negative, that’s exactly what my Mum’s got. She’s quite worried she’s passed it onto me, and now I’m starting to worry too! They said if my mum is found to have the mutation then they’ll ensure I’m tested too, but I’m just so nervous about it.

I know there’s all the surgical procedures to remove the breasts and Fallopian tubes/ovaries, but at 18 years of age that’s not really what you want to be thinking about! Is there anything else you can do? I’m just in a frenzy, so worried that she will have it so will be more susceptible to cancer in the future, that I may have it and may need to have all this surgery, and passing it onto any children. Does anyone have any advice? 

Dear Emmies

I am so sorry to read how difficult things are for you and your mum at the moment.

You may find it helpful to talk with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.  Alternatively, you can post in our Ask Our Nurse area, where one of our nurses can respond to you online.

In the meantime, please do continue to post, it is most unusual not to get a response on this Forum.  It is a lively and supportive area for everyone affected by breast cancer

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Hi I’m Helen and a breast cancer survivor…but I also work in a private clinic where we provide cancer genetic testing…I’m not medically qualified however I do know that if your mum has a gene mutation then you have a 50% chance of also having the gene…if testing proves you do have BRCA 1/2 gene you don’t have to have any surgery …you would be offered ANNUAL screening in the nhs …you would
Have generic counselling too…hope this is
Some help to you xxx

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on 14th March 2018. I’m worried that both my daughters might have the BRCA 1/2 mutation because of me. I’ve found the Doctors so far less than helpful, I got Costochrondritis after my surgery due to a non-dissolvable suture which prevented part of my wound closing up.  If I hadn’t asked about the mutation they wouldn’t have bothered to mention it to me. I’m very concerned as there is cancer on both sides of my family, my tumour basically tripled in size from first finding on the 12th February to removal on the 17th April. I’m due to go the oncologist on the 24th May and I’m really apprehensive about my next stages.