Mount Vernon


Just wondered if anyone had been treated at Mount Vernon chemo suite recently or at the moment. Went to see it today and it is in the middle of being rebuilt so is in an almost derelict building and all not very nice!
Went for pre-chemo chat and it was really disorganised, and not a very nice experience at all. Don’t feel i have all the information i wanted or much confidence in the whole thing!!!
Ment to start on Monday and feel bad about the whole thing! Can anyone cheer me up???!

Thanks xxx

Dear Trumpet
sorry to hear about your bad experience at Mt. Vernon. I did in fact have some of my treatment there and it wasn’t in that state then. I was in fact treated like an inpatient so I was allocated a bed on a ward for the whole day - not sure why this happened. What I can say is that everybody was extremely friendly and helpful. I also attended the centre which is right next door to the chemotherapy lounge which provides support for patients and they were very nice - maybe have a chat with them about it all as that’s what they are there for. They also provide free therapies and group sessions if you like that kind of thing.
sorry can’t help you much more. If you are having radiotherapy, I can say that most of that section is new and my treatment all ran very smoothly and mostly on time. I got a lot of information from the booklets provided by this website as well.

Best wishes and good luck for Monday.
Ruby xx

Thanks for this Ruby! Must have caught them at the wrong time, sure it will be lovely when it’s done, it just doesn’t feel very nice at all now! Although the staff were nice! It is all just really worrying.
Hope you are well xx