Mouth problems

Hi, feeling very scared and terrified to tell anyone, following my Breast cancer diagnosis last December and just finished my Radiotherapy I have now discovered blister like lumps in my gum, lower mouth under the skin and a hardish white patch near my right tonsil. Scared it has spread to my mouth. How do I pick myself up and get this checked? x

Hi Vicky - sorry to hear you’re so worried. I have a friend who finished treatment 4 years ago and has been plagued by mouth sores ever since. She’s had a number of biopsies taken which have shown it’s not cancer related. They seem to think it has some connection between the treatment she had and having amalgum fillings in her teeth so she’s had most of them replaced with the white fillings. The problem has affected her tongue and gums.


I would suggest you get a quick appointment with your dentist to get it checked out.


I had a lot of trouble with extremely dry mouth following radiotherapy. I think the whole lot of treatment really knocks your whole system and takes time to recover. My dry mouth has improved over time.


Hope it’s something simple that can be cleared up quickly


Best wishes



Thank you Flo, my head has gone into over drive and I appreciate your sound advice :-).

I too have a very dry mouth after the Radiotherapy, hoping it is just a reaction to all the treatment.

Vicky x

I have been suffering from dry mouth problems for a long time. It’s very painful, especially in the mornings. I really just wanted it to stop.

I have tried many products but none of them are effective enough. I’ve tried pharmacy after pharmacy, I’ve even taken a few from my dentist. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve begun to trust them less and less.

I can see that many people are also having the same problems as me. It’s honestly very tiring to deal with, don’t you think we deserve a break?

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Hi… I am new to this site… from Australia…

I saw the thread mouth problems and hoped there might be something on there similar to what I’m experiencing.

I have Mets on my liver, lungs bones and brain… the whole shebang… dx in dec last year.

Am undergoing treatment… chemo… radio… currently…My main issue is my mouth that is constantly wanting to produce saliva and has a yukky taste ALL the time… my taste buds are all over the place…food has no excitement… the smell etc is offputting… There is a real pressure in my jaw… a constant sucking or pulling… makes me want to spit constantly… Anyone else experience his??? It is making me feel so yuk… appreciate any replies… thanks

My wife has the same issue, she said eating was painful and no taste to food, she also had a coated tongue, my sister in law , an ex nurse diagnosed as oral thrush and Macmillan have requested treatment drugs for this…maybe it’s the same…be safe…