Mouth sores and ulcers

Mouth so painful again this month , sores and ulcers on Ibrance and letrozole can anyone recommend anything.

Good morning. I’m on Ibrance and Anastozole and this happens to me from time to time. I cut out sugar and rinse my mouth with salt water. It seems to work. I think there are also really good mouth washes available. I saw it somewhere on the site. Perhaps post on bone mets? It’s an active thread and there’s a lot of good advice x

Hi Anne thanks will try salt rinse couldn’t sleep so painful , yes had a couple of times ,but really bad this month.Thanks for advice ?

Hi Hannah. I’m on the same combo but haven’t suffered from this yet. I’ve just completed my second cycle. However, there’s a dentist on another forum and she says try curasept mouthwash for ulcers. Apparently it’s brilliant.
Hope this helps.

Manuka honey 15+ is working for me. Also great when dabbed on cold sores. Who knew about this? I don’t even like honey!!! X

Thanks Annie have heard a lot about this honey , it’s worth trying, had a bad month with sores and ulcers .I don’t particularly like honey either lol

I am experiencing mouth ulcers as a side effect of e/e and have been prescribed hydrocortisone 2.5 mgs muco-adhesive tablets - the ulcers healed in 24 hours! . I also was prescribed a mouthwash prescribed to help with pain benzydamine but havnt used that yet as they have healed so quickly xx

Hi Sarah they sound good , and to heal so quickly.Thats brilliant thanks

I’m also taking Ibrance and letrozole and was getting awful mouth ulcers from cycle 2. I’m on cycle 9 now and haven’t had any for the last two cycles so hopefully they’ve settled down. I was using a spray and mouthwash called Difflam. It worked wonders. If you can’t get hold of any I was also told any alcohol free mouthwash would help to heal them quicker if used a few times a day. Hope this helps