mouth ulcers after surgery - where did they come from?

I had an expander implant on Wednesday evening. 24 hours later, 2 hours after dinner. I have developed huge painful ulcers on my tongue and inside lower lip. Plus a sore throat. They’re still giving me trouble today.

Ive not eaten anything unusual and have had all meds before without reaction, but this is awful and I wondered how and why they appeared so suddenly out of the blue??

Hi Riverside Dawn


I developed mouth ulcers a little longer after you, probably 2-3 days and they got worse and worse, along with a really dry throat.  Eventually worked out that they are a side effect of Naproxen, one of the pain killers they gave me and so I stopped taking them.  Focussed on paracetomol instead.  Took about 3 or 4 days for the ulcers to disappear and it was really uncomfortable for a while.  



Hi, I’ve recently had 2 surgeries, 1st, WLE and SNB and 2nd, full node clearance. Fine after 1st op but since 2nd op 2 wks ago, my tongue and mouth has been really sore, can’t see ulcers but I’m very sensitive to all foods and drinks esp hot, cold, spicy etc. The district nurse said it was probably because I’m ‘run down’. I’m going to check with BCN next week. Hope yours has settled / eased. 

Hi morrisbird and hopefulholly, mine settled down after 48 hours on difflam mouthwash. Surgeon said it was definitely an allergic reaction but we dont know what caused it!

I often get an ulcer and sore throat after surgery and put it down to the airway used while you are under general anaesthetic xx it should go but always ask your nurse about it

My surgeon originally thought it might be that and an allergic reaction to the latex in the mask, but it came on 24 hours later so decided it must have been something I ate - but Ive no idea what!!

I had mastectomy surgery in August. Am still getting lots of mouth ulcers, a couple of months on. My Bc nurse advised to use a mouthwash. I can’t see how it’s related, but I’ll put it down to stress, run down. Maybe my immune system is low. I usually get boils from being run down, as I did with a ‘fat top lip’ ulcer when I broke my foot 2013.
Gargling warm salt water is another remedy I’ve just remembered too.