Mouth ulcers, sore gums and tongue

Help. I am on my first cycle of taxotere/cyclo, day 8. My mouth problems really flared up on day 7. The pain is quite agonising and I cannot eat any solids at all. I started Difflam mouthwash to try and numb my mouth but it’s not helping much so far. Have also bought some Manuka honey to dab on the sores as I believe it can help with this problem. My fear is having to endure this for 3 more cycles. Is this likely to get easier and if not what can I do to make myself more comfortable. I have lost 4lbs since 31/10 and I am underweight anyway.


Sorry to hear you are suffering with mouth ulcers & sore gums, it is very unpleasant. A little tip that I picked up whilst on docetaxel in 2014 is to suck on ice cubes whilst having the chemo. I took a flask with cubes of frozen juice and sucked on them throughout the infusion - never had any mouth problems. I have secondaries so have done 5 diffferent chemos in last 4 years & always sucked ice cubes with no mouth problems. Worth a try?!

Helen x

O am also going to give this a go
Mine are not quite stopping me eating
But are there and sore
At night my throat hurts too
To the point I have to get up and eat a cold yoghurt to sooth it a little xx

Hi Thieya, I suffered a lot after my 1st Doectaxel about a month ago, it took the top layer of skin off my tongue and I had alcers all round my mouth and to top it off at the same time I got thrush on my tongue and down my throat (and downstairs)…it was hell for about 6 days. Eating and drinking was agonising. I went back to the Marsden on day 2 of the pain who were so lovely and prescribed some liquid morphine to help me through the next few days but they also suggested using bicarbonate soda mixed in with warm water every day as mouth wash so I am doing this now but I have also been changed to packletaxal which is 100 time better. Don’t suffer in silence as you team alter your drugs if the SE are bad, good luck x