Mouth ulcers

It’s been a year since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Finished chemo at beginning of January and radiotherapy at end of Feb. I thought all the unpleasant effects would have ended, two days ago I woke up to a mouth full of ulcers on my tongue, gums and lips very painful. Been to doctors and prescribed Difflam mouthwash. Has anyone else experience them after treatment.

Also when my hair grew back it grew back really curly when I had straight hair before. I couldn’t believe it, I love it but does it stay curly now?

Hi Michelle
In answer to your hair question ( sorry can’t help with mouth ulcers), mine also grew back curly, which seems to be the norm. I am nearly 2 years post chemo, and my curls have gradually grown out. My hair is nearly the length of a bob, and just the ends have a bit of a curl. My original hair is gradually coming back.
I had enough cover to do without the scarves after 4 months.
Sue xx

Sue C thanks for your reply. My hair has came back as thick as before. I do love the curls just wasn’t expecting them.

Still have my ulcers was lucky enough not to get them through chemo. Thanks anyway take care.xx