Moveable lump found...anxiety through the roof!

Hi hope I’m in the right place…
About 2 weeks ago I found a lump about the size of a flat small egg (upper left quadrant) that felt gristly to the touch. Of course I ignored it but kept prodding and poking to see if it went away…) Anyway, after consulting Dr Google and diagnosing horrible outcomes and increasing my stress levels I found my way to this site. I’ve been to the doctors this morning and she examined me and said it’s smooth and moveable (good sign?) and it felt like thickened breast tissue. She said protocol is to refer me to the breast clinic but now I’m panicking slightly (although feel better for getting myself into the referral system). I joined Slimming World in May this year and so far have lost 3 stones. My cup size has gone from an E to a C so I’m wondering whether because I’ve lost fat off my boobs has this lump always been there…growing?
Any advice greatly received x



Hello and welcome to the forum, you are certainly in the right olace to get help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


First of all, and breathe :slight_smile:


Yes Dr Google is not a very good doctor because he can give you out of date and misinformation.


You can read on here the many ladies who have a similar experience to you and when they have been to the breast clinic it is diagnosied as something that is benign.


The good thing is that you have been to your GP and it is the normal protocol that you are referred to a breas clinic as it is a breast change and that needs to be investigated BUT it does not mean that it is cancer.


It is difficult I know, but try and do as much as you can to distract yourself until the appointment, and actually many congratulations on your weight loss that is fantastic.


Small steps are the best ones so at the moment your milestone is to get your appointment for the breast clinic, that is usually within 14 days from the date of referral, please do not read anything into it is you get a date which perhaps only a week away, it probably just means that they have slots available, not that they need to see you more urgently


Sending you a hug, and just come here whenever you need us, we will always be here.


Helena xx



Thank you so much Ladybowler xx

I’m just updating this thread to say I’ve had my results from the hospital this morning. I had a cyst which was ‘entirely benign’ and needs no further treatment. I hope this helps other anxious ladies waiting for results. It’s not always bad news.
Lots of love to you all xxx