Moving Forward 12 July group - another catch-up?

Hello everyone from the 12 July Moving Forward group, 

I’m messaging to see if anyone fancies another online catch-up now that that course is coming to an end. I thought it might to useful to be able to chat through what we found useful and to share top tips. It would also be a nice opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

If anyone is interested, I am very happy to volunteer to set it up via Zoom. 

Please reply saying yes/no and letting me know if you prefer weekday AM or PM, or weekend AM or PM. I’ll try to find a time which suits everyone. 

I’m Catherine by the way - the lady with no hair and glasses you may have seen on Zoom during our online sessions!

Hope to speak to some of you again, soon. 


Hi @cath20  

I’d be happy to chat again, realistically after the school holidays would be better for me, and weekdays anytime between 9am and 3pm.

Sarah x

Hi @cath20  

I would be up for another catch up as I felt we didn’t get enough of a chance to get to know each other with the limited time we had.

No real preference for me timewise.  Am due to start a phased return to work next week but don’t think it will be set days at first so would work around timings to suit.

Thanks for offering to arrange this.

Kaz11 x

Hi Catherine, yes am keen to have another session. Thanks so much for taking the initiative to set up! I’m on holiday until 6 September so after that would be better for me, but appreciate its far away so no worries if you want to go sooner. 
I can be flexible with timing, will just depend on work commitments, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: Louise x


oooo yes I’d be up for a catch up, thanks for organising

I can do am or pm

Louise (old Lou) 

Hi Catherine

thanks for suggesting this. Yes would appreciate another catch up. I’m fairly flexible so suggest a sessions and I’ll se if I can attend. 


wild swimmer 

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for taking this on…I would be very interested in joining any future calls please.

I work Monday-Friday until 2pm (although work are very accommodating), after school holidays would be better for me too, however, if arranged earlier I will try my best to attend.


Ron x

Hi Catherine 

thanks for sorting this. Having missed the lives on here id be happy to catch up with other people and am pretty flexible on timings!




Hope I haven’t missed this - I’d love to catch up if possible. The course seems to have gone in the blink of an eye!