Moving Forward with hope


I was DX with IBC exactly three years ago and for the benefit of all the new IBC ladies who have posted here recently I wanted to point out that I had all the standard treatment, chemo, MX, rads herceptin and now hormone treatment and I am still here. Moving on, and finally believing I have a chance of seeing my grandchildren grow up.

In the last few weeks I have seen both my surgical team and my onc for check ups. Both teams gave me the option of 6 month or annual
check ups. I opted for the 6 month checks for my peace of mind.

IBC is a hard one to come to terms with, partly because so much information on the internet, where we all turn, is out of date and treatments have moved on.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I have had 3 years that I did not expect to have and hope for many more.

Love and Hugs to everyone dealing with all forms of BC


What an inspirational piece of news. Andie this will give hope to lots of people. As someone recently diagnosed it confirms to me that people can live with Cancer and that the research that is going on is fantastic. Treatment is changing all the time.

Here’s to many more years for all of us!

Suzanne x x

Hi Andie,

Good to hear you’re doing so well. I’m a year behind you but echo everything you said. Long may you continue.

Jan xx

wat a lovely post xx

Hi Andie and Jan - we’ve communicated often on the IBC threads and what a lovely post to inspire new ladies with IBC.

To the newer ladies, like Andie and Jan I was going through what you’re probably going through now, 3 years ago at that time life seemed so fragile. But, here I am and can honestly say that most days I forget I had cancer and am busy planning future activities and looking forward to seeing my adult children grow into middle aged adults, with their children into young adults.

You will feel better about all this one day and as others have said treatment is so much better these days. I only see my oncologist annually now.

I had reconstruction in February this year so just to let you know that even with IBC there are options for you.

Hi girls
Your words have supported me through diagnosis and treatment since august 2009. Still have a few hurdles to jump myself with complications before i can consider recon. But i know i will get there one day.

Really pleased for you peacock. Xx

Bless you all for your kind words and uplifting comments xxxx dawn