Moving Forward ????

Since my BC experience began 5 years ago, I have found BCC and my fellow ladies on here to be so helpful, sympathetic and supportive…but is this really enough? I’m 5 years down the road, finished treatments and thought by now that my life would be back to something (I’m realistic to not expect complete normality) like it used to be. But no, cant work because of the legacy of health problems treatments leave, still doing the rounds with various docs to get answers, explanations even if there is no symptomatic relief. But I find that once your active illness period ends no-one in the medical profession actually gives a damn. I was told last night on routine appoint with onc that “its the price you pay for surviving”. If its not cancer, they dont want to listen. I actually think this is quite discriminatory… if a non cancer patient had incapacitating problems would they be told that? Even you guys here at BCC offer the “Moving forward” support for anyone who has been diagnosed in the last 2 years,… cheers, thanks, but there are some of us who are still finding it difficult to move on, and I dont see why the support you offer should have a time limit on it. Everyone is different, many thankfully do have good health after treatment, but some of us dont and it is very difficult to live like this when this is how you get left. I’m only 45 and dont want to give up the effort I’ve put in so far to live the best I can. Am I the only one who thinks this?