Moving Forward

I’ve followed the forum since my diagnosis in Nov 15 but haven’t contributed until now. I hope I can help someone newly diagnosed realise that there is life after that mind blowing day!

I was initially diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2, 10mm oestrogen & progesterone positive, HER negative and was scheduled for WLE & sentinel node biopsy but after a core biopsy the 10mm became 30mm and my treatment was changed to mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction. Apparently I didn’t have enough belly fat for the flap reconstruction ( I do now!!) And had previous back surgery so that wasn’t an option either.


I’m generally quite chilled so I genuinely felt strong and sailed through the op and recovery, i was determined it wasn’t  going to get me! Also i have four 15 year plus bc survivor friends who helped tremendously . I was uncomfortable and knackered post op but started the local National Exercise Referral Classes 5 weeks post op. Highly recommended,  the instructor advised me what I could & couldn’t  do. Staged return to work after 6 weeks and now at 14 weeks i’m back full time & back in circuits & boot camp altho low intensity!


 I had the oncotype test and didn’t  require either chemo or radiotherapy ( lymph nodes clear) i’m very aware how fortunate I am to to go straight onto tamoxifen post op & I think the chemo ladies on here are inspirational & fabulous.

I feel pretty good now, had the itching, joint pain & fatigue side effects with tamoxifen initially but it is getting better daily. My only moan is the saline expander implant is uncomfortable and jiggles when I run,  I saw the surgeon this week & hope to get it replaced with a silicone one by the end of June.


Sorry this is a long post but I just wanted to reiterate what a lot of ladies say on here, there is light at the end of the tunnel.   I know that all things considered i’ve been very lucky ( apart from getting it in the first place!!).  


I am much more bothered emotionally now about the whole thing (maybe tamoxifen fault ?) I am currently on the Breast Cancer Care Moving Forward course which I would recommend everyone does, v useful at clarifying all the many uncertainties i’m sure we all have post treatment.   Also get to know your Breast Care Nurse, my named nurse has been brilliant. Also in our area a small local charity provides complementary therapies to cancer patients for a small donation. I have no idea if they work but they make me feel pampered and lovely while i’m there so that’s  good enough for me!!


Best Wishes Everyone !!

Hi Minniemoocher, 

Thank you very much for sharing your inspiring moving forward story. I am sure a lot of our users will find your story a source of inspiration and will be along soon to support. 

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