Moving forward?

Tomorrow I am going to the oncologist for what I think is my final appointment. I was diagnosed in April, op for DCIS and lymph removal in May, radiotherapy through August. I’ve creamed everyday with Aveeno, drunk lots of water, eaten lots of nuts and fruits. I’ve had breast ‘cramps’ and painful arm when I lift anything slightly heavy. No skin problems at all. I never got a sense of ‘team’ through my treatment- different people daily- all nice and efficient, but didn’t feel a great deal of being cared for. I have really benefited from this forum- thank you everyone.


Pleased to hear you found the Forum helpful. Hopefully other Forum users will reply soon. If you’d like to talk things through at any point as you move forward from the hospital based treatment, please phone our free Helpline on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes


Hi. I am moving forward too. This is the first week I have not felt a threat of cancer returning. I had my first mammogram one year on from my surgery and treatment and getting good news that all is clear has left me feeling very positive about the future.

I have had a good year and am very grateful that I have a good happy life. I have been on Tamoxifen for a year now and had some SE that came and then went, nothing that I could not live with. I have had two appointments with my oncologist when she examined me and all was clear but it has taken the mammogram to convince me that there is nothing lurking there. I got to see my consultant at the mammogram so he has told me just to go home and get on with life and he will see me next year. We had a joke and he said being from Central Scotland I am probably more at risk from stroke or heart attack. No comfort from those horrible options but reassuring regarding cancer. Just be aware was his advice.

The breast that had the surgery/treatment has had some niggles, some aches and pains and most mornings has many indents on it from the creases on the quilt. My BC. Nurse tells me all of these are common. The nipple and the area around it has a mind of its own. Changes shape and colour sometimes but again just normal effect from radiotherapy. I am just getting used to it being this way and is a small price to pay considering what was there.

For all of you who are just setting of on this horrible journey I wish you all well. It’s never a good time but I found it especially hard at Christmas time. The hardest part for me was the mental and emotional part of it all and the waiting was a nightmare. Because of my personal circumstances only my husband knew about it initally and then I eventually told my daughter and then my sister.

As some time had passed and I was already through surgery I decided not to spoil other family and friends Christmas so I told know one else. I have never told anyone since and this has helped me as everyone is still normal with me. I am sure everyone will have their own way with dealing with it but I have found it good not to have to deal with it daily or in every conversation with friends or family. I find I am reminded enough with the coverage on television or mail through the door. It will be very helpful though for people who need a good support network to talk about it and try and get some true friends and family to be there for you.

I drop in to the Forum every few weeks or so when I have time and it’s heart breaking to see and read of all the journeys that people are going through. I know in the beginning I was just at such a loss as to what was happening to me and imagining what scenarios I could possibly face. I just appreciate now that treatment has advanced so much and the outcomes are more favourable. 

I have decided now to live life to the full. I will take my consultants advice and be breast aware but I won’t let it rule my every thought. 

It has taken a year to find this emotional strength again and I am so positive about the future.  I hope with time everyone will find some peace with their situation and be able to enjoy life once more.  Xxxxxxx