Moving House

Moving House

Moving House Hi ladies,

I am 18 months post operation and nearly 14 months since radiotherapy finished…
We are seriously thinking of moving to a town approx 200 miles from where we live now…this may sound silly but i am worrying about leaving my hospital where i had my treatment to go to a town where i don’t know what the hospital facilities are like… hopefully the bc will never come back but as you all know… we have to attend hospital for checks for a further 3 and a half years yet…my husband says i have to make up my mind if i am able to do this change !!! and i don’t know… has anybody moved during this time and how did you get on… and am i being just a bit too comfortable in this zone…
Many thanks ,
Love to you all,


I think it depends where you are moving to - can you find out what the hospital facilities are like for BC patients/cancer patients before you make your final decision?

For what it’s worth I moved back permanently to Scotland after 20 years in London 18 months before I was diagnosed last year (prior to this I had been going back and forth for over a year as I was having to spend time looking after my late father up here who was in the early stages of dementia at that point) I know that if I had still been in London I would not have coped with this nearly as well as I have done, I feel much safer back in my home area now as I have access to excellent services; I also have GPs who take no chances, the one I was with in London was very difficult when it came to referrals. A friend of a friend back in London was diagnosed just before me and she seems to have had lengthy waits for everything at the upper end of the guidelines which I am sure has added to her stress.

However, I think it’s also important to remember that if we all lived our lives thinking of the what ifs and why this happened to us we would perhaps not get out of bed in the morning. Once I get through all this treatment I plan to just move forward with life, I’m making plans already.

For what its worth I moved house the day before I was diagnosed - really bad timing but we did it - it just meant that I went in to have my lymph nodes removed a couple of days later and the boxes had to wait to be unpacked - in fact some are still waiting !!! I say if you feel up to it go for it -

Once I have been told I’ve been clear for a couple of years I would like to move too as we hope our business will be doing well by then (it was just started when I was diagnosed and we put a lot on hold). We’d love a flat overlooking the sea TBH - I can only just see it from the bedroom window at the moment.

Im moving in 4 weeks! Hi Caroline

I am moving to Ireland in 4 weeks time. I am nearly 2 years post Op but not had my recon done yet, in fact, I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow.

I must be quite mad!!

I was extemely worried about leaving my comfort zone too but decided that I just had to do it and besides, they have hospitals there too dont they!! My thought on it is what was the point of doing chemo etc if Im not going to make the most of life.

Go with what is in your heart and best wishes with whatever you decide.

Neenie xx