Moving House

Am after some advice if anyone can help please? Hubby has found a new house he would like us to buy, bigger than where we are now, only round the corner though, and with lots more land - he’s never really been happy with where we live now, and I’d love to be really keen too but am a bit anxious. We can afford to move taking only his salary into account, but the house will need a bit of work doing to it. I had mastectomy in Feb and am halfway through Chemo, then have Radio probably sometime in September.
Are we taking on too much to look at moving house? Will our mortgage company need to know about my diagnosis - will it affect a mortgage offer? I assume I’d not get insurance cover, but if the mortgage is based on hubby’s salary only do I need insurance?
Would love some comments from others who’ve moved during treatment and coped ok with the additional stress - and comments from anyone who thinks we’re mad!!

Hi Susi

In July 2013 my husband was diagnosed with grade 3 bowel cancer and in Jan 2014 we put our house up for sale but in March 14 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought yes I can do the whole moving house, viewings etc. I had surgery in March 14 then 6 rounds of chemo then more surgery to get clear margins and full node clearance then rads.

By May 27 14 I had to ring the agent and say please can we take it off the market, this was mainly the chemo as by then I had had 3 lots and I had zero energy to keep on top of the house let alone get it ready for a viewing. My chemo finished 28 Aug had second surgery 12 Sept so it wasn’t until October that I had got over that then the rads every day for 4 weeks from 27 Oct.

We put our house back up this year, just my story but no matter how much your mind wants to do something your body says nooooo