Moving on from Everolimus

Hello everyone

In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy and radiotherapy.  For almost two years I was taking Letrozole but this eventually stopped working.  I took part in a FURVA trial (Fulvestrant/Vendatinib or Placebo).  This didn’t work at all and during the few months I was having injections my mets moved on from my hip bone to my spine and liver.

I was rather distressed when my oncologist asked ‘Do you want me to tell you?’ in response to my query about how long I have to live…  I don’t want to know really but I was worried by the way she looked at me.

A couple of months ago I was put on Envirolimus and Extemestane but have developed a worsening tickly cough.  No more Envirolimus, and more chemo is being planned.

My query, which is probably a silly one, is what are my chances of surving another 5 years.  I know different people react differently and a cousin who was given 3 months to live managed another 18 months.  Just would like some input if anyone can help.  I’m 70 next year and hope to see my birthday in July!

Hi Knitter2017

You may find more connections in the Living with Secondary Breast Cancer area of the Forum.  There is also a private area which women with secondary breast cancer can ask to join.

It may also help if you talked this through with one of our specialists on our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
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