Moving on - highly recommended reading

Just came across a link when reading a nurse’s response to a post. Brilliant article that should be made available to us all! Dr Peter Harvey on 


After the treatment has finished - Then what?


I have my first annual mammogram this week. I’ve also started thinking about all the things I didn’t want to know during my treatments. This is so timely and so appropriate. My spirits have lifted. I’m ‘normal.’

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. It is timely for me personally but would be appropriate for all in many ways. 
I wish you all the very best for your up and coming appointment Jaybro xx

Jaybro - thanks so much for sharing this article, really helpful. I also wish you all the best for your mammogram and a quick and reassuring result.

Hugs and thanks, Evie xx

Thank you for posting this…hits the nail on the head for me! 


Hugs to you xx

Thank you so much for posting this link - just what I, and probably many others, need at the moment xx

Thank you for sharing.