Moving on together, after the Moving Forward Online Course June 2020.

Hiya everyone. 

I hope you are all ok

I thought that I would start this topic in case any of you wanted to carry on chatting together, as a group, now that the online course has finished. 

Hi there

this is a brilliant idea, well done for setting it up

Hello great idea @woollythyme !

Marking my place. Thanks for setting this up :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya, I was having a good look around at the rest of the forum and I noticed a topic called the ‘darling buddies from may’ . It has been going since 2009! So I thought that I would shamelessly steal the idea and set up this one for us

I’m sorry I couldn’t think of such a catchy name for the topic

I’m not that good at navigating around the forum yet, so this is a great idea.  Hoping now that I’m commenting on it, I’ll always be able to find this new thread, and that we will get notifications too when others comment on it like we do in the moving forward course. 

Great idea