Moving On.....

Perhaps it is about where I am in my experience - treatment over and just playing wait and see now- but I am not too impressed with some of the recent messages I see on my Facebook page.

  1. I will raise funds when I feel like it, I resent the constant barrage of opportunities for me to do so. I know charities rely on funding, but there doesn’t seem to be a day when there isn’t another opportunity!  Be it Pink Friday, walks or whatever.

  2. I am only too aware of my body image now.  I don’t want people to be told I am brave, that I am still beautiful, that I am still a woman.  I want people to be told I am just the same as I was and that they don’t need to focus on what has gone, but more on what is still there! I wasn’t brave - I was determined.  My body was always mine and private - it still is - it is not theirs to discuss.  I would only feel less a woman if others felt that - if it is pointed out it rather implies that is what is the mind of the speaker, doesn’t it?

  3. I think it is key to moving on to get the right info at the right time.  There have been times where reading the experiences of those travelling a different path has actually reduced my ability to move on.  I have obsessed on what could happen, worried that that might be my fate.  One day I might need to know about some of it but not now.  It is good info, but at the wrong time.  The change to the forum has helped - I now would have to search this info out.  I don’t, I look at the pages and messages that relate to where I am and it feels healthier.

BCC has been important to me through all of this and I am grateful for it.  I am grateful for the research that made my treatments possible.  I am grateful for the care I have received and for the support of my fellow survivors.

I think for now, though, I have had enough.  I don’t feel the site speaks for me at the moment - once the treatments are over we will all feel different, our experience will depend on our personal circumstances and relationships and there will not be a collective experience we can share.

So thank you for the support but I am moving on, leaving the nest.  I will unlike - horrid phrase - and promise myself to visit the site only very occasionally.  Touch wood, this phase is drawing to an end for me.

LOL loved this post. Good for you, I know exactly where you are coming from. 

I mentally “survived” by only being a patient when I was at the hospital, rest of the time I was just “me”. Now I do not attend the hospital I remain just “me”, well done for articulating what so many people feel.

Yes well said Kahren …


We know exactly what you mean . However I pop in now and again as I like to check out the newbies and reply to some of the questions and queries asked. We are needed and I think we can truly help, but as with anything in life we just need to be selective. We must not become too obssessed with trying to answer every problem as we are in danger of wearing ourselves out.


So onwards and upwards. Time to move on and live for the moment. The moments we share are precious and I wish you all the very best.

Sending love and hugs Tracy xxx