Moving onto anaastrozole - anxious



Am 49 and have been on Tamoxifen for nearly 2 years now but apparently since I am post menopausal I am being switched to Anastrozole.  I’ve been told to expect side effects for first 6/8 weeks or so but then they should settle down.  How did it go for you?




Hi Mysterymouse
I’ve been taking Anastrazole now for almost 3 months. Initially I was very nauseous, with an upset stomach and mood swings, with ramped up hot flushes. My oncologist suggested taking at night time, to manage nausea and this and the upset stomach did settle after 3 weeks. I seem to have picked up reflux and trialling omeprazole, which has helped. I was already menopausal before my diagnosis, so was achy jointed already and this hasn’t worsened. The hot flushes were dreadful and some mood changes. However, I’ve been lucky to he auricular acupuncture from a local cancer charity and the benefits have been amazing. Hope this helps a bit. I do think I’ve been lucky compared to some xx

Hi MM ,if you are not happy with how the Anastrozole affects you, you can switch back ,Tamoxifen can be used post menopause too ,from what I have read there is only a small advantage from switching post menopause .


 I have been taking Anastrozole for just over a month to hopefully shrink the tumour prior to a mastectomy. So far I have had no side effects at all so hopefully it could be the same for you. I take mine about 6.30 in the evening. I read something on teletext a week or so ago which said the side effects were better than tamoxifen so perhaps they’re right. Good luck!