MRI before surgery..


My wife had an MRI last week after completing chemo for tnbc. She will be having surgery in the next week or so. 

Anyway, the doctor said that the chemo has worked really well and the tumour has pretty much melted away with just a little smidge showing in area. 

Now, am I right in thinking that the little smidge showing on MRI could be dead cancer cells/ footprint of the tumour? Not nessacessary residual cancer? I know only surgery will confirm what’s what. 

I guess the main thing is that the chemo has done what it needs to do. I would love to see her have a complete response obviously. 

Hi Jampot

I think this is a question better answered by someone in the know- like a call to the nurses at the number above. I can say from experience how excellent their service is. I could venture an answer from my experiences with treatment for secondary breast cancer but feel it’s unwise just to speculate when you want to know for sure. An alternative would be for your wife to call her breast care nurse and ask?

One thing I would suggest is that your wife asks for very clear guidance on what to look out for from now on. I wanted to know as little as possible with my first experience of breast cancer treatment and didn’t even know I had a TN tumour (I also had a hormone receptive tumour) and know now that I wasn’t given enough information about the additional risks from TNBC. That’s not to say there will be a recurrence or SBC but better to be aware than ignorant of the facts.

I wish you both all the best for the future xx