MRI Guided Breast Biopsy

I’ve just been told that I need an MRI Guided Breast Biopsy,   my local hospital doesn’t do these,  but my consultant is struggling to find somewhere than can do it. 


Does anyone know of any hospitals that do this procedure?   Has anyone had this done?   I don’t mind travelling anywhere in the UK.


I’d welcome any information please,  thanks.

Hi.  I had mine at South East Surrey Health.  They operate East Surrey and Crawley hospitals ( near Gatwick if you need to fly in).  I had mine done at Crawley.  Ladies are amazing but I have to say it is not pleasant.  Take paracetamol before going and you must have someone with you.  I went straight to bed afterwards but was fine for work the next day.  There is a lot of squashing and you stay squashed until they find the right place.  It took several goes to get it exactly right, then local anesthetic then biopsy.  


I am sure Guildford do this too.  It’s a bit worrying that your consultant doesn’t know locations for this type of procedure.  I think it is fairly accepted practice.


good luck.

Aberdeen has one.
I was booked to have one Last year and was going to be over 4 hour journey .
But ended up not needing it in the end.
Hope you get an appointment soon as waiting is the worst


I had one at Northwick Park, Harrow. Debbie x

Hi, I recently had this procedure done.
I live in Kent but had to travel to Northwick Park hospital in Harrow. There are only a few of these machines in the country.