MRI & Mammogram screening - advice please?

Hello all!


I was diagnosed age 44 in April 2015 with a grade 2 tumour in my left breast - no lymph node involvement. Had WLE 25 radiotherapy and have been on Tamxifen and Zoladex since May 2015. I have a family history (mother age 65 and grandmother in her 40s both deceased) but tested BRCA negative. The Genetics counsellor recommended annual MRI as well as Mammograms and my consultant was happy to agree. 


Had my first MRI on Monday &, after checking with my Specialist Care Nurse, I am now waiting on a Mammo appt (seems they forgot about that bit!). My query is - should I wait for the Mammo before I try to get my MRI results? They should be available from tomorrow but don’t want to seem like I am jumpng the gun? 


Any advice??


Hi ,I would struggle to wait for results if I thought they could reassure me that all was well.Does mammogram show different things ?

Yes, I’m not surprised you are confused !!!I would have thought that MRI would see everything therefore prob no need to wait for mammogram results but I’m not a medic.See what the nurse says in Tuesday.Not looking forward to waiting for results of my first post treatment mammogram which will be due in June.

Let us know how you get on,hopefully less confused after speaking to BC nurse???

So no further foreward then!!!Im really not looking forward to my first post treatment mammogram in particular waiting for the dreaded results letter !!!

2 weeks can seem like a very long time !!!Hopefully next years screenings will go smoother and you won’t be put through the mill in the same way!!

Great news !!one down one to go!!!

Excellent!!!They certainly put you through it didn’t they!!!