MRI No. 2

Hi ya, just to say the MRI went much better thistime. I was on my back having had a bad time trying to get the drip in. I’d taken the happy pills and in the end they also gave me something to calm me (under the tongue) I put in ear wax plugs and they gave me music ear defenders, even though you could barely hear the C&W!! music. They also squirted something (a lot) of stuff up both orifices and even with a trip to the loo for a clean up, by the time I got home it was if I’d wet myself - but being so spaced out I couldn’t care.

I saw the Onc after, he says the PET has shown up a hot spot on the left ovary, it’s my cysyt I know that, but he doesn’t like it, so it’s a trip to see the surgeon with a view to him talking me into a laporoscopy on Tuesday. That isn’t going to happen, so they only way he’s going to see my ovaries is to open me up and take them out.

Will keep you posted.