MRI odd experience. Can anyone relate?

Hi Ladies.

I’m almost 7 years since my bc was diagnosed. I’ve recently had lots of pains in my arm, shoulder and neck. I thought it was something to do with the muscles or nerves in my shoulder/neck and I explained to the breast surgeon. She ordered an MRI which i attended last night.

For the last week and a half I’ve had what i can only describe as a bruised feeling on my spine (between my shoulder blades). Its been causing increasing discomfort but I assume it’s related to the neck and shoulder thing.

Anyhow, the breast surgeon ordered an MRI of my neck. It’s a pretty quick scan, about 15 minutes and they gave me a cushion for my legs so I was pretty comfortable considering. When the machine started up though, I got a burning sensation on the part of my spine that feels bruised. It only felt burny when the machine was spinning and the sensation when away when it changed settings and then started up again.

Has anyone else felt anything like this. I’ve googled it and I haven’t found anything similar to relate to. 



I’ve had a few spine (including neck MRIs ) - not had that until the last time when it felt very different and much more uncomfortable - the frequencies felt a lot more intense - the technician told me they were doing new " types "  of imaging - not sure if that’s relevant  ? Given the amount of vibration and stress I would think you would be bound to feel it anywhere you have an injury or deterioration due to age .Try not to overthink   it .