MRI or mammogram yearly?

Hi there,

Dod anyone see Dawn Porter’s ‘My breast could kill me’ on TV when she said that her consultant said she should have yearly MRI scans? This is because they are better at detecting early signs of BC - three years in advance - better than mammograms.

Obviously, I doubt I would get them on the NHS but I could pay for one privately but have read they are bad for false positives…

Has anyone any experience of MRI scans instead of mammograms for their yearly check up? I am so scared of missing something as my remaining breast is always pretty lumpy and as I am sure everyone agrees it is so darn hard to check oneself without freaking out…And I have read that mammograms don’t always pick stuff up particularly in younger women.

Is the mammogram the poor person’s MRI?r

Any advice would be VERY much appreciated.