MRI Scan/CT Scan


Just wondered if anyone can tell me the difference in the results of the MRI and CT scan. I have received a CT scan to check for secondaries (which was clear)…but would an MRI scan be more beneficial?

Thanks, A x

From what I understand CT is a kind of x-ray, but MRI uses magnets. I haven’t had a CT, but have had an MRI. My tumor did not show up on a mammogram (x-ray) and they could see it with ultrasound, but didn’t know what it was. The biopsy showed it was cancer. They followed up with the MRI to see if it was anywhere else in either breast. They said the MRI showed excatly where it is, how big it is, and that it is cancer. Hope this helps.

Thanks ScottishHoosier, just hoping the CT I’ve had is enough and whether I should ask for an MRI as well.

I had a mammogram, CT scan, ultrasound and bone scan right back in July - still awaiting my MRI. In this area at least, MRIs are like gold dust and even though they use mobile units the wait seems to be about six months.