MRI Scan - where can I get one privately without GP referral letter

Forgive me if this doesn’t come out right or in the wrong place. I am struggling with the new layout. I am concerned about the possibility of breast cancer in my other breast. My hospital is not prepared to give me a MRI scan - I had a mammogram and it showed nothing sinister. Whilst it goes against the grain to go private, I don’t feel I have any other option. According to the lady I spoke to last week at BCC lobular breast cancer shows up best in MRI scans. As a 4 years misdiagnosed breast cancer lady, I feel I have to look after myself and most of my care. I phoned BMI Healthcare last week. They have given me the wrong information by saying a private hospital in my area (I live in Stirling) had an MRI scanner - phoned today only to be told it does not - they suggested Ross Hall in Glasgow. However, they did say I could not go private without a referral letter from my GP in the first instance. I am left wondering if this is always the case. I would prefer to have it done privately without anyone knowing. Does anyone know of a private hospital in Scotland that will do a MRI scan without a GP referral letter. Many thanks. Jeannie

Hi Jeannie, so sorry to hear that you are worried about lobular BC, do you have a past lobular diagnosis? If you have, then you can always ask for a second opinion. If you are looking for further reassurance on top of your mammogram then I doubt that BUPA, BMI or the NHS privately etc will scan without referral. However, there are many commercial companies that offer body scan. Maybe, if you really need the reassurance then you could look into that. or maybe even investigate thermography. However, lobular is still a less frequently diagnosed BC and if you have any symptoms or worries, please speak to your GP. I am two years on from my ILC dx, this was found by ultrasound but I was symptomatic.\_health\_clinics.html
Good Luck.

I had a scan done on my back by these people
Believe me, if you see your GP and ask for a referral because you want a scan done privately and just tell them you don’t want to be a burden on the NHS blah blah they don’t normally quibble! £200 payable on the day, if you go to an NHS hospital it will be nearer £800.

Thanks for your replies. I contacted a local private hosital. They said they would not see me unless I had a GP referral in the first instance and they did not know of a private hospital that would see me without a GP referral. I would have to have a consultation with the private hospital doctor which would cost approx £200 with a further £400 for the scan. Personally, I don’t see why a 4 year misdiagnosed BC patient with localised advanced invasive lobular breast cancer in the other breast should be paying for an MRI scan but I don’t want to aggravate my oncologist.
I have decided to travel to Aberdeen for Meditherm DITI. This is not available on the NHS and can be given without my GP or hospital knowing about it unless it comes back positive. I feel this is the right decision and hope that it works out for me. It would be good to hear from anyone who has tried this treatment.
Wishing you well.