MRI Scan

I havent posted on here in a while, finished active treatment last April and have been taking Anastrozole since July, am suffering horrendous hot flushes but more than that is the back/joint pain, tried different types of painkillers but nothing has helped, so finally rang my BCN, she got me back in to see my Oncologist, she said he will probably change my tablet, saw him today and he has refered me for an MRI Scan, just incase its to do with the Breast Cancer!! I really wasnt expecting this and am now in panic mode with brain doing overtime!
Crazy question I know but I have a severe needle phobia, please can anyone tell me if an MRI Scan involves needles???


Hi Jay66,
Rest assured, there are no needles involved in an MRI scan. You lay on a table, are pushed in a tunnel. It is very noisy, I tend to keep my eyes closed all the time as I can be a bit claustrophobic in there. Depending on the scan requested and if you are standing very still, it will last between 15 and 30 minutes.
My hospital tend to order MRI as soon as you report a change, a pain etc. You should not worry too much. Easier said than done.
I hope everything goes well.

I did have to have a needle (canula) fitted when I gad my MRI scan as they had to inject a contrasting fluid in. I think t depends in what area of the body they are scanning. Good luck, try not to worry x

I think maybe it was because it was my liver that they were scanning. The ct scan had showed something up that they thought may jst be a cyst and I was then referred for MRI to make sure of it. Thankfully yes that’s all it was. But I have dreadful needle phobia too and have had to have canulas for every single scan I have had ct, bone and MRI. Xx

I had contrast injected for a CT scan but never for an MRI. One learns something new everyday.
Sorry for the misinformation.

Hi Jay
I’ve had 3 MRI scans, two where they injected a contrast and one when they didn’t, so I can’t help. I was dreading the first MRI but they were so nice to me and having the needle put in was OK. I really felt for you when I read your post; I’ve been taking anastrozole and then exemestane since last July so I’m at about the same stage as you treatment-wise. I get pains in my joints and back and if I sit or lie in one position for too long I can hardly move. The trouble is, I know if I saw the oncologist about it I’d go straight into panic mode just the same as you if I was referred for a scan. Conversely, if he just said it was something to expect with AIs I’d probably feel fobbed off. I’m waffling on but this is just to send you my best wishes and hope you get it over with soon and have your tablets changed to somthing which suits you better. xx

Thank you all so much for replying, even if its probably not what I was hoping to hear! I was going to Google but thought better of it!
Lilac51, I know joint pain is a side effect of these tablets but didnt expect it to be so severe! cant walk more than 15 minutes without being in agony, turn over in bed and it wakes me up, and as for getting off the sofa i’m like a 90 year old!! I also have problems with my left heel but the Oncologist seems to think that may be seperate. do you take any painkillers?..
Jay x

I’ve had several MRI scans and have always had a cannula fitted which the radiographer accesses during the procedure. If you are especially nervous it might be worth asking your GP in advance for diazepam or similar to take the edge off your feelings.
All the best.