Can anyone tell me why some oncologists give of MRIscans do they show where cancer is? Surely if this is the case everyone would benefit from them.

Is it in relation to the boobs or another part of the body, Edwina? MRI scans are sometimes used for younger women as they are a better scan than mammogram on the younger breast.

I just keep hearing of breast cancer patients are having them and am wondering if I should have one. (Terrified of secondary breast cancer) ~ I am not one of the younger patients.

I have been told i will have to have MRI scans every year on my left breast(had mastectomy of right breast 3 weeks ago), as they found 2 seperate tumors in my right breast,which hadn’t shown up on mamagram/ultrasound,so MRI scans are used as more suitable when mamagrams/ultrasounds don’t detect tumors/lumps(hope that makes sense)?? Del

Hi Edwina

I had an MRI scan to determine whether they could do a lumpectomy or if I needed a mastectomy - apparently the mamogram was not clear how much breast tissue was involved (fortunately for me they decided the scan showed I could have a local excision). I think MRI scans are only used when they need more information, if the mamogram/ultrasound results are not clear enough which is more common with younger women. (although I’m not young, so can happen with 50 year olds as well).

Hi Edwina,

I was diagnosed in march, aged 34, and have since had a mastectomy and total axillary clearance and I started chemo in may. Personally I have never had an MRI scan, nor have I been offered one. Apparently my hospital doesn’t do them for bc as a rule. I had mammo’s and u/s to diagnose bc (along with biopsies). Pre-chemo I had a chest x-ray, CT scan and a bone scan. I only had these as I had lymph nodes involved.

I think, to be honest, every hosp and every doc seems to be different. I used to think I was being short changed as initially I was never offered nay of these scans!

Hope this helps,


Thanks for all your help, what I still don’t understand is that if an cancer can be seen with an MRI scan can why doesn’t everybody have one? I shall have to put that on the list to ask my oncologist.

I would love to have an MRI scan but as I am rather on the large side, I cannot get one of these scans. They seemingly show up tumours much more clearly than a mammogram. If you are really unsure its best to ask your oncologist.

Take care a best wishes

Elizabeth x

I am a little over 17 stone and fitted in there… just…


Hi I have just had 1st year check and been told I will have an MRI in 6 months because they said that my tumour was opaque on my first mammogram and didn’t look as it should, although I was diagnosed immediately after having ultra sound and needle test straight away.