MRI showing several haemangioma in spine & worried sick

I had an MRI for severe back pain, nerve damage affecting my legs and feet arranged by neurologist. He’s writing to back specialist now to discuss having a nerve block injection. But I had a letter come from the MRI dept explaining in detail what showed up & it mentions there are several typical & atypical haemangioma tumours. My Breast cancer support group are telling me to contact gp/breast nurses asap because of my history and they should do son e further checks to establish if they are either benign, possible metastases or even MS lesions. Please has anyone had any thing like this and can you help me with further information?? Thanks, Michele ?

Michele ,surely your neurologist would be aware of your history and take that into account when looking at the MRI results -nevertheless may be worth discussing with breast care team ,they may be able to look at the results and hopefully re-assure you .You could also ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section.Jill x

Michele hi hope you don’t mind me replying but i have had a recent mri too, for some very similar symptoms as you and referred to neuro surgeon my troubles are in cervical spine witb spondolitis and bone spurs which are narrowing the spinal canal and indenting my spinal cord in excruciating pain had a clear bone scan jan but also have a heamengia thingy you also have in Thoracic spine my mri said no evidence od malignant disease i asked for a copy od my full mri report from gp it was very detailed i hope this has helped you i know how you feel though its bloody awful tge pain from this i haven’t told my onc but think i should make them aware i finished my treatment op chemo rads end jan this year zx