MRI v CAT scan

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Does anyone know the difference between these scans. I am due to have a “scan” next Tuesday, but I don’t know which it will be. When do they use which? which is better?. I’ve had ultrasounds to check my liver, X-rays to check my lungs, Bone scan (scintigraphy) to check for mets in the bones but I have never had a “scan” before. My onc wants a full body scan now my chemo is finished.
Maria x

I’m almost certain a full body scan will be a CT scan, which is relatively quick and usually used to check soft tissue. My experience of MRI’s is for a very detailed look at one area (I’ve had them for my spine and shoulder), and more useful for bones than a CT scan.

Thank you Finty, what you say makes sense and helps me understand things.
All the best to you

Well, my cat scan showed 3 lesions (maybe cysts) in my liver, so I am going to find out what a MRI is like too, more waiting, more tears…
Maria x

Maria, I am so sorry to hear this. Sending you a very big cyber hug. Tinaxx

Maria hun so so very sorry to hear that the news was inconclusive. Fingers crossed that they are cysts. I had no probs with MRI scans if that helps but my word are they noise even with the ear plugs. Have you been given a date for it? (((Hugs))) Jackie

Hi Maria

So sorry that the scan showed lesions in your liver. The same happened to me two years ago. They waited for three months and then re-scanned. Cysts! But I can tell you that the wait was awful and I was out of my mind with worry.

I was told afterwards that many benign lumps and bumps are picked up by these marvellous machines that would never have been spotted normally.

Hopefully it will be the same for you. Let us know how you go on.

Mal x

Thanks Mal for sharing your experience. I am sure your are right about these marvellous machines, but they didn’t see them on my liver ultrasound I had in March, so they want a closer look. I am sorry you had to wait 3 months to find out they were cysts. They said they would phone tomorrow to give me a date. The onc seemed to understand that waiting is the worst of this adventure we are all on.
Jackie, Thanks for the info, I must admit I have no idea how long it will take or what it will entail.
Tina, Thank you for your hugs.
All the best to you all

I’m so sorry you have had such worrying news. I just wanted to tell you I have a cyst on my liver, and I was told about 10% of the population does - so very much hope you are in this exclusive group.

finty x