MRI with contrast - worried

I am due to have an MRI with contrast on Monday and very worried. Have had a couple of reactions to meds and fish in the past. Has anyone else had this and it’s ok? Looking for reassurance!

Thank you x


Hi I had one of these earlier in the year, I had no problems with the contrast dye and I usually react to most things. I am due to have another MRI with contrast at the beginning of Nov 2023. I had to complete a long questionnaire several weeks prior to the MRI and I actually telephoned the MRI team to discuss my concerns re the contrast. Perhaps you could do the same or have a chat with your breast cancer specialist nurse. The MRI itself took about 45 mins and I had headphones on to listen to music which helped pass the time. I wish you well.

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Thanks so much for coming back I will talk to the MRI radiologists when I get there. X

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Hi @newbie1

I hope your MRI with contrast went well. We’re thinking of you.

Sending our love,

It did go well thank you! Although I have been asked to go back and have an ultrasound on my other breast! They found something interderminate and so am hoping its benign x