Hi there

Just wanted some advice/feedback.

I had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago to remove a 14mm tumor when they got the report back it showed that I had a large area 8cmx5cm of pre cancer that had not shown up on either the mammogram or ultrasound. I have asked if I could have an MRI scan on the other breast to see if there is any pre cancer there and was told that there was no signs of it so they didn’t see any reason. This doesn’t fill me with confidence as they didn’t see the large area on the other side.

My worry is that chemo won’t affect the pre cancer as it hasn’t turned to cancer yet but it will in time. Once chemo is over this could turn before the yearly mammogram and this really worries me, If it turns and they don’t catch it in time it might spread. I want to know now so I don’t worry for the next year. I have looked into having one done privately.

What do you think I should do?.



Sorry to hear that there was more to your situation than originally thought. I can see why you would be worried and understand why you want further tests to confirm that the other side is ok. I would go back, explain your concerns about the wait and the fact that the pre-cancerous cells were missed on mammo etc and ask again about an MRI - perhaps discuss it with the BC Nurse initially as I’ve heard many ladies who’ve had tests and scans etc arranged by the BCN.

If they still say no and you can go private and feel that it would put your mind at rest then go for it.


I did ask the BCN, she is very good and did arrange for me to have a bone scan and chest xray when I was first diagnosed. She thought I should get the chemo out of the way first. It seems that once you have had your op and are scheduled for chemo that they don’t seem as concerned. I don’t understand why they don’t check everything to make sure that you will be as safe as possible, rather than hope the chemo will sort it all out.

I have contacted a private local company today and the guy who does it actually works for my hospital and knows my consultant very well. I asked him not to mention it to him as I don’t want them to think I am doing things behind their backs ( which I am of course ). He said he would speak to one of his colleagues, who also works at the hospital to see what they suggest. Now I know my consultant will find out, hope it doesn’t affect my care. But we do have to look after ourselves. This pre cancer thing has really thrown me as I have heard that it can turn to cancer very quickly, and if I have it in the other breast and it’s anywhere near as large as the other one 8cmx5cm I think it could spread around very quickly.

Just don’t know what to do really, but I feel I should try to find out if it’s there.

Thanks for replying


Hi Ann

Please call our helpline for a chat about the concerns you have, they are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-2pm on 0808 800 6000 and will be more than happy to talk things over with you so that you feel able to make an informed decision.

Best wishes