can anyone tell me what an mri scan looks for. i have had a clear bone scan.

Hi Jackie

The following link will take you to cancerbackup/macmillan information on MRI scans:

For further information and support please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you can speak to one of our specialist breast care nurses, it’s open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Hope this helps Jackie
Best wishes

Good to hear that your bone scan is clear. Are you still having pain or problems then?
The MRI scan just takes more detailed pictures than a bone scan and can detect smaller growths or areas of abnormality. It looks at bones, muscles and nerves etc. I had one to rule out that my nerve wasn’t trappedin my shoulder when I lost the use of my finger and thumb and again to look to make sure my spine hadn’t collapsed so crushing a nerve when I was having bladder/problems.
Sometimes they do MRI scans on the breasts in younger women to look for breast cancer.
Noy sure what you really wanted to know - so please post again if you want any other questions answered about MRIs.
A;l the best

Just confirming what Kate says, Jackie - MRI gives more detailed pictures than other scans. I have had several on my liver - they are very noisy! - so let me know if you want any more info.

Kay x

yes im still getting pain, doc thinks its my back and that does ache in bed as does my thigh to the extent it wakes me most nights
The pain or ache varies from one day to the next but is always there and has been for 3 months but it doesnt hurt so much when moving at the moment
Doc says its muscular and it does feel that way but there is a specific spot at top of thigh .
Will mri show if my back is to blame

Jackie - I didn’t want to initially write this as I didn’t know where you were in the state of things - (when will the profiles come back on line???!!) but when my hip started to hurt which was the beginning of May 06 and I couldn’t lift my foot, nothing showed on my bone scan and when the pain was still there 2 months later and my mobility in my hip was worsening, still nothing showd on xray either. It wasn’t till Sept 06 when by this stage my aggressive cancer had spread to the lymph nodes on the other side, that a repeat bone scan and a CT scan showed the large bony secondary in the pelvis and the top of my femur. Therefore I think you are very lucky that they are doing an MRI which should show if there is anything there as it is much more accurate.
My GP also thought it was muscular or tendon inflammation but it was a nasty. I also had a specific area on my thigh/hip that was very painful. Mine was painful at night and would vary a lot in how painful it would be and how much mobility I had which is what confused people I think. By september 06 I was using a stick to walk with as it was that painful.
My onc said the bony secondaries have to be at a specific size or a cerain stage of the cycle to show on bone scans so that’s why they can come back as clear when they are not.
Expect I’ve spoilt your saturday night now but maybe it’s best to be prepared that the bone scan wasn’t accurate and there is something nasty there.
Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the MRI.
Thinking of you

Jackie - just to echo what Kate says they really are just taking the most detailed look possible as you are still having pain

Will it show if its your back ? it depends they have to take mris of the back area. it seems to me that your doctor is good, there is no way that you should be waking up at night in pain for three months without an explanation. If it is something bad it is better to have treatment and if it nothing you will then have peace of mind.


thanks for your comments
It is wierd becaause some days its not so painful other days more so and same at night. I know the bone scan can be clear so im not 100% happy yet. Said mri will be after crimbo so cant do anything until then.
You havent spoilt my sat night i know deep down there could still be something wrong.

mri scan on monday. Pain is alot better but starting to feel breathless sometimes again, but am reluctant to mention it after my recent visit to hospital , to spend 36hours which was i felt a waste of time. Im wondering if the pain is a blood clot as previously had one but am on warfarin.
Anyone have any experience of this
Does mri show up blood clots

had my mri , not as bad as i thought. Follow up on 21st jan. Pain is subsided so dont feel quite so anxious as i did

had mri results today and was very relieved to hear i,ve torn a muscle in my backside. Gluteus medius i think. Explains the pain. Onc seemed relieved, he admitted he thought something was up.
Need to be referred on now as he doesnt know what to do.
Very relieved

That’s really good news Jackie - never mind that he doesn’t know what to do about a torn muscle, someone else will know and it’s a whole lot better than what you thought it was!!

Lesley x

thats great!!!

I bet you have never been so relieved about a pain in your backside!!


Katherine that was really funny
Pain in backside is very painful today but hey its only a pain in the butt

From reading these posts my understanding is that an MRI scan shows a more detailed view than a bone scan. Is this correct?

The reason I am asking is that my friend has a problem with her leg and has had an MRI scan which didn’t show anything up and she is now going to have a bone scan. She doesn’t have BC by the way - as far as she is aware she doesn’t have any other health problems. I was just wandering why she would be having a bone scan when the MRI didn’t show anything if the MRI scan is supposed to be more detailed.