Hi all,  

Received a copy of a letter from the hospital to my GP today.  Lots of words I didn’t understand so googled (I know that should be avoided).  It says I have an area of calcification about 8x3cm and the ultrasound shows this area to be multifocal breast carcinoma.  Having looked at what this means I am now beyond frightened. More aggressive, worse prognosis, higher chance of recurrence. I am terrified, anyone have any positive thoughts/experience?

Hi Karen


Firstly sorry to hear you have this diagnosis.  There are lots of factors about BC so everyone’s treatment packages etc are different.  I had a multi focal disease.  Two tumours in the same quadrant.  For me they were small and low grade.  I have recently had an oncologist appointment who has said I am low risk, and he was very un-concerned.


 It’s really hard at the stage you are at, I remember being in a whirl  of anxiety.  What I have learnt though is facts, get facts from your personal medical team, they are working through how to give you the right treatment plan.  I was initially freaked out about my multi focal, but now I am not at all concerned and have had a good outcome from my treatment plan.  Can you have a thorough discussion with your BCN?


just as an aside and to show how scared I was, I didn’t even open my hospital letters for days, just couldn’t face it - so well done you.  Sending you all the best.


Hi Karen - try not to worry. I too had multifoca and a lot of it! MRI showed 6 areas, pathology after mastectomy showed total of 10 areas of invasive ductal BUT it has all been removed in one go, nothing in lymph nodes. It was grade 2, and all was the same. There is no greater risk my consultant told me of having multifocal. No radiotherapy and no chemo. I’m fine! Off back to work on Monday. This is why they do the MRIs etc to get it all. Plenty of people have more than one area, and thankfully because of the ability to find these now is why survival rates are so much better. Message me anytime xx

I have MULti focal too and told it’s no different to unifocal oncologist said it just meant breast was more unstable ? They stage it on the size of the largest tumor. My MULti focal was 2cm altogether of invasive grade 3 within 5cm of dcis - only occupying one quadrant which sounds only a little smaller than yours - I don’t know my sizes of each of the Tumours. Please try not to worry I know it’s easier said than done, I’ve been worrying myself silly, but now reassured it’s all ok and treatable xxx

Thank you Alex, lilneenz and lou for sharing your experiences. It’s comforting to h

Oops don’t know what I did then! But as I was saying it gives me comfort to hear something positive. I think I’ve read too much about it. I am going to try to think less and just concentrate on getting through the days until I get some answers. Hope you’re all doing well xx