Multiple Fibroadenomas


Hope everyone is well!

I am new to the board and wanted to seek some advice about multiple Fibroadenomas, I am awaiting treatment for number 5 and 6!

Just a bit of history, i was diagnosed with my first Fibroadenoma in my late teenage years. This was left as I was told they can come and go, however after the birth of my daughter I noticed it had grew significantly. It grew to around 5cm in length and I had a lumpectomy 2 years ago to remove it - also removing another 3 that were smaller in size and found at the same time. All tests confirmed they were Fibroadenomas.

Just under a year ago I found another lump in the same breast and I had it checked by my local doctor. They didn’t seem bothered and didn’t refer me back to the breast clinic. I left it and left it until I felt a bit concerned and went back asking to be referred a few months ago. This time the lump was quite painful, different from my others.

My appointment last month confirmed my suspicions that I indeed have another lump which they said is a breast cyst, however this cyst was hiding another giant fibroademoma. I was abit shocked, been told they need to be removed and await my second lumpectomy on the 28th May. I didn’t have the fine needle aspiration this time, just a needle to double check the first was a cyst (they tried draining it). Has anyone that has or had breast cysts experienced any pain? Are ultrasounds reliable in determining that this other mass is definitely another fibroadenoma?

Also I wondered if anyone has had multiple Fibroadenomas and what the causes are? I am just told that they are common in younger women?

Thanks for reading and appreciate any info! :slight_smile:

Hi from one Sommer to another Summer.

I will tell you what I know about ultrasound, they are very good at diagnosing fibroadenomas, due to the shape of the FA and the colour. Many people say, that fibroadenomas are painless, alas mine was not painless,it was what took me to the doctor in the first place as I presented with a complex one in January.

Given your history of these funny little PITA tumours, which is what they are, I would be pushing for a biopsy, on this latest lump. Your lump could be scar tissue.

The causes for fibroadenomas, are not known, although they are thought to be oestrogen receptive, hence their common presence in younger women. I too was thrown by this, given I presented with one at 43, but likely something that I have had for a long time. I opted for a removal, given my age, and prevention of screening later on down the line.

When they tried draining the cyst, did it not aspirate?

Is the pain and new lump, near to the incision where the last ones were removed?

Hi Summer and welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to the BCC publication about fibroadenomas which you may find useful and it contains our helpline details so please feel free to call to talk your concerns over:

Best wishes

Hi Somer from Summer! :wink:

Thanks for your message. The ultrasound was quite clear, it revealed 2 black circles which is the normal signs of fibroadenomas. Just the pain, i know sometimes they say pain is a good sign but it did push me to get in checked otherwise i would have left it which is never a good idea! Sorry to hear you have experienced the same, are there different types when you say complex? I cant seem to get much information out of my consultant.

The consultant thought it was a regrowth, but then checked my notes which confirmed both lumps are in the different place - directly behind my nipple. I have 2 scars, a big one under my breast and another around half my nipple - unfortunately not scar tissue :frowning:

This i where i should have asked more questions, he tried to drain it and it was decreasing in size on the US but didn’t drain the whole thing? He said he would remove both lumps in my op later this month and gather the results then? I did look at the sample he drained but again i didn’t ask the questions, just nothing to worry about he said. I don’t like to worry and just try and get on with things but these lumps (not sure which one) have grown a bit since my consultation - maybe even after the draining?

Apparently I am just one of those people that unfortunately grow quite a few of these lumps! No really reassuring from my side, i have done some research but never feel like i know much about it. At the rate they keep appearing i worry i won’t have much breast left, i am only a B cup!

I did find that the first one grew rapidly after having my daughter but i have to say, i cant explain the sudden growth of these 2. I did ask if birth control contributed to their growth and this apparently wasn’t a contributing factor so it has thrown me. Did you see the results of your biopsy that confirmed your fibroadenoma or were they able to confirm straight away from looking at the US? It is always best to have them removed, how did you find the procedure? - did you wait long?

Will definitely push for the biopsy results of this lump!

I have been trying to respond to you, but of course the forums have been down! You do seem to be susceptible, to FA’s which clearly, doesn’t really bother you. I had a complex one,which means that active changes were going on, I ended up after surgery with more problems, my body is not used to being invaded at all, and my LB didn’t like it one bit, and I ended with a fat necrosis, bigger, more painful than the original problem, which I have chosen to leave alone, as I will likely end up with the same problem again, it is just the way my body is, I suppose. Although, the clinical director of breast screening did state that he wanted to see me in a few months, just to keep an eye on me, so for now, I live with it and hope that it breaks down and is absorbed by my body, like it is supposed to. I have generally low blood pressure anyway, which is normal for me, so any surgery and I have only had two, end up with me ebing kept in, because my blood pressure reads quite low, when I am feeling fine and they all run around shouting “Have you seen her blood pressure?” With my journey, I had a mmg, (showed nothing) then an ultrasound, showed the usual characteristics of a fibroadenoma, with “unusual edges” I had an FNA, inconclusive, then three biopsies, which confirmed the FA and then I opted for surgery (stupid me) and on final histology, came back with unusual edges, 10mm/4mm need for further follow up, after excisional… Then three weeks after surgery, (after having various calls, with a trapped nerve, with pain) then this strangest thing, not a lump but a mass, but no bruising, I had to go back. I had two FNA’S, three cores, then surgery and I think my body has said, enough thank you, leave me alone. I feel much better now, although still massive mass, that can be seen, felt and looks very strange, but I can live with it now, and will get it looked at again in September, I needed the time to allow my mind to recover, as well as my body. Fibroadenomas, are only thought to be fuelled by oestrogen, but they still don’t know the cause of them and I was having a coil fitted, which my GP back peddled on, (I am also menopausal, have been sterilised and am 43, advised the coil, to try to help with my falling oestrogen levels) until all this is cleared up… bit of a long story there, but I hope it all makes sense. The surgery was fine, no problem, I recovered quite quickly on the outside, up and about and driving again in five days… Let me know how you go.

Gosh, I really feel for you - I hope all is well now and the pain eases, fingers crossed all goes well. I never realised these Fibroadenomas could be so troublesome, I didn’t seek any advice last time around as it was unheard of - this site has been extremely helpful, i have read some stories from a lot of incredibly brave people on here. It’s good everyone can open up and discuss everything.
It sounds like they have been incredibly thorough, something i dont feel i have experienced and will definitely push for those biopsy results. I am only 26 and been in the breast centre countless times, i hope this time i get the reassurance i need - fingers crossed! Will keep you posted! :slight_smile:

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Hi Sommer,
Hope your well!?
My operation was moved to the 25th June, had it all done under a local yesterday and feeling ok.
They found a third lump quite far back near my rib cage, in total 2 Fibroadenomas and one Cyst were removed.
Was told the fluid in the Cyst was thick hence why on my first apointment the other consultant i seen couldn’t drain it. Being under local meant I go to watch them do the whole thing, even got shown the Fibroadenomas that are causing me such much grief! Weird looking things…
Have an appointment with consultant next Thursday to discuss the results, fingers crossed!

Hi, I have been reading your posts and I just thought I should tell you of my experience of fibroidenomas. In july 2005 I felt the first lump in my LB which turned out to be a fibroidenoma. I had it removed by mammatone, never again, I ended up with an enormous black bruised breast. In 2009 I had 2 more fibroidenomas removed, this time an operation, from the same place as the first one. Then in october 2011 I felt a lump once again in the same place. I was referred to the breast clinic by my GP who thought it was another fibroidenoma. The ultrasound showed a large mass which looked just like a fibroidenoma. The DR performing the u/s told me that is what it was but I insisted she do a biopsy just to make sure. I thank God every day that I was adamant I wanted a biopsy to be peformed as it turned out that there were 3 parts to the mass. I had 2 fibroidenomas of 8mm and 10mm and a grade 3, 12mm tumour between them.
I don’t want to sound alarmist or worry anyone but please ladies always get any lumps checked out, I am so glad I did. I wasn’t going to bother as I just thought it was another fb but something just told me to check it out. I know that most lumps turn out to be harmless and that I was just unlucky, but I do thank my stars that it was caught relatively early and I have had treatment (wle, chemo and rads).
By the way Sommer 43, I had a mirena coil fitted in 2004 and one of the side-effects are fibroidenomas.

Hi Hero,
Thank you for your message, I hope your doing well?
Im sorry to hear about your experience, I definitely agree with having all the lumps checked. I did leave this one for a year thinking it was just another Fibroadenoma, but it was so different to the last and i was in so much discomfort that I asked the doctor to refer me straight away.
Have they ever said what causes them? I did try and ask and was told that I shouldn’t be getting them as they often occur in young women going through puberty. Didnt really help, I don’t have the coil but do have the implant fitted.

Hi Hero,
Thank you for your message, I hope your doing well?
Im sorry to hear about your experience, I definitely agree with having all the lumps checked. I did leave this one for a year thinking it was just another Fibroadenoma, but it was so different to the last and i was in so much discomfort that I asked the doctor to refer me straight away.
Have they ever said what causes them? I did try and ask and was told that I shouldn’t be getting them as they often occur in young women going through puberty. Didnt really help, I don’t have the coil but do have the implant fitted.

I have been experiencing extreme pain in RB for approx 4 years. History is first fibro remved in 2006’ RB, last fibroadenomia LB removed in 2008 due to extreme size, 75mmx85mm. Came back clear. Have experienced intense pain in RB however have learned to manage this pain. Discovered small pea sized lump near to nipple of LB. Waited a month to see GP. Referred to Breast Unit. Been seen today. Had mammograms and then ultra sound. Radiographer snet a lot of time on RB and not on the LB lump recently discovered. Consultant said LB was a fibroadenoma, however, in his words, my RB ‘is a mess of a mess’!!! Not the words I would have expected. He says I have many fibroadenomas, some that are quite large, and multiple cysts, that is why he said they did not do any needle biopsies today. He has said he is having a multiple discipline meeting this week and wants another opinion on what to do with me and what has caused these ‘masses’. Meanwhile, I sit here fretting and tearful about what may be. Does anyone know if there is any connection to the Mirena Coil and increase in breast pain and lumps please. I had this fitted in 2007 for medical reasons?
thank you for reading and I would be so grateful for reassurance. x

I have been doing some research on this and have read that fibroadenomas can be a side-effect of the mirena. Waiting for an initial referral and very much hoping that my lumps prove to be fibroadenomas, tho’ my age makes that less likely. Either way, I’m tempted to whip the mirena out myself as I’m highly suspicious about what it’s been doing to me! Take care x

hi all
im interested toknow the people with the multipule lumps like jaymkay have they given you any news about what there gunna do with u, as am currently going through the same kinda thing have had nearly 20lumps tken out lazered mamatoned ect but have another 12 coming up iknow that mine grow very quickly and am worryed, like other people iam worryed that as i get older iwilljust think its fb and prolong getting them checked as have done in the past as they have reasured me they cant turn to cancer but reading other peoples posts saying that these lumps where hiding cancerious lumps is a bit worrying xx

Hi ladies.
I am 43 and waiting for my breast clinic referral date and have been reading your posts. I found a tender lump in my LB last week. I have the mirena coil. I didn’t realise there was a link between the mirena and fibroadenomas. I hope my diagnosis is good news. And will ask the question when at the clinic if best to have it removed if it is fibroadenomas. Will keep you informed.
D x

After getting mirena put in I developed a lump in my lb almost immediately. It was about 5 cm. I had it removed but I am almost positive it was a mirena side effect although they won’t tell me that

Hi everyone,  I am new to this site although I did write a post on another thread and then realised there was a thread specifically for benign breast diseases so here I am lol!!


In May, I was having pain in my left breast and found a new lump next to an old lump that has been there since 2001.  I was referred to the breast clinic where I was diagnosed via USS as having around 20 fibroadenomas across both breasts.  This was a complete shock to me and the sonographer said that there were so many lumps he wasn’t sure how they were going to manage me.  Once i’d got back to the Nurse for a discussion, she advised an MRI to determine whether any of the lumps looked as if they needed a biopsy and 3 weeks later the MRI confirmed that they are all benign.  One of the lumps however has a couple of lobules and so they want to monitor this one with another MRI in January.  


My main worry is that for those who have one, two, maybe three fibroadenomas, standard practice is to remove them but because I have so many, the consultant has said that to remove them all would require a double mastectomy.  My initial reaction was to have them all removed because the thought of leaving all those lumps there scares the hell out of me and I am struggling to concentrate on my university degree because of them, but having a double mastectomy scares me too.  I’m 37 years old and I notice from reading the available research that not only is it rare to get them at my age, it’s also rare to get so many and this scares me too.  


I really don’t know what to do for the best.  I know they are benign, but what if that changes over time.  Can I really carry this worry with me for the rest of my life or do I just go for the double mastectomy and be free from all of this.  I’m currently on medication for my anxiety.  




I had the coil after lumpectomy 7 months ago. Having pain still.
And swelling in armpit.

Same here,10 months after lumpectomy. I am on letrozole and have pain and burning in both breasts.

Good morning,


I am 23 years old and have been going to the Hospital about my Fibrodenomas for about 4 years now. 2 years ago an ultrasound showed that I had atleast 12 Fibrodenomas on each breast that kept growing therefore my consultant at the Royal Marsden booked me in for an operation to remove some of them. The surgeon removed 8 in total 5 from my right breast and 3 from my left 7/8 were Fibrodenomas and 1 was a Phylloid Tumor. 


Last year i went back to do the yearly scan in which they found 20 between both breast, 6 months I went back as I had found a new lump that is causing me a lot of pain, bearing in mind that my lumps are constantly growing the nurse doing the scan only scanned the new lump as there was too many. At the beginning of this month I had another appointment, my consultant told me that she did not see the need to do a whole scan again as i had been scanned 6 months ago, i insisted that i wanted to be scanned as 6 months ago they only scanned that one lump. 


After the scan we saw that there are multiple new ones growing as well, the consultant wants to consider Tamoxifen or Danazol treatment, but as a 23 year old i do not see these as 2 options as Tamoxifen will give me menopause like symptoms and Danazol will have exccessive hair growth, voice changes, breasts reducing in size.


Sorry for the long story, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me should i get a 2nd opinion? Should i go private? 


Thank you!