Mum bone and Liver mets

Hi everyone


Mum was recently diagnosed with a bone met on her spine and  hip , which this week threatened to fracture so surgeons have performed a hip replacement on Monday past.  Results from recent CT showed up liver mets but until we meet with oncologist again we are not sure exactly where or wat!  But can I just say in among all this madness and despair you lot have been an absolute God send to me!!!  The wealth of info and help here is beyond amazing!  I thought liver issues would be a death sentence automatically but reading your posts has again given me hope that my mum could have treatment and maybe even stabilse this rotten evil disese!!  So thank you all and lets keep fighting!

Hope the operation has gone well. Gives us all hope that so many people have had such positive outcomes despite having such a chronic illness…

Hi Paula
Thanks for the hug!!
Yea op went well and surgeon pleased with it all! It’s just the waiting game again for the next hurdle!!
Hope u get some good news soon! Xo

Would love to hear how your mom is doing! My mom has just been diagnosed with liver mets after being stable with just bone mets for 3 years.