Mum diagnosed with Breast Cancer 10/6/09


My Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last week. It came as such a shock to us, as the doctor referred her saying he didnt think it was anything serious and because she is so fit and healthy.

On the day she was diagnosed she met her surgent who told her that her operation be in one to two weeks. Having went to this appointment with my mum today, I now feel she is annoyed (having being positive last week). She is annoyed becasue last week they told her that her operation would be in one to two weeks but today they could not give her an estimate of a date. Does anyone know how long you usually have to wait?

I have read lots of info on the net about different types of breast cancer, yet today they didnt say what type it was. Maybe I should have more prepared with questions?

They did tell us that she would have her lump removed and lymph glands also. When I asked what her likely treatment would be afterwards they said it is to early to say, that they would know about 2wks after the operation.

Im having a baby in 6wks time and feel bad as im feeling very selfish!! Before we thought mum would have had her operation and treatment by this time, but now it lokks like her treatment will probably be happening when im due.

We have been lucky enough to have never know anyone close to us who has had cancer - but are so unsure about what is going to happen. Can anyone help?

Hi, and welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for information and support for you and your mum . As you will see your fellow forum users have a wealth of information between them and I’m sure they’ll be along shortly to support both you and your mum.

I have put below for you links to 3 of BCC’s publications, the second two can be downloaded directly or ordered on line and a free copy will be posted out to you. The first one, our resource pack has to be posted out to you as it’s an A5 binder full of useful information regarding breast cancer and its treatment. All BCC’s publications are free.

Resource pack:

Breast cancer and you:

Your operation and recovery:

If you need any more information just ask, there’s always someone around to support you. Hope this helps. Kind regards,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum. It’s always a shock and it’s come at a difficult time for you. The NHS has a 31 day window in which to treat your Mum after her diagnosis. So she should have surgery within 31 days from 10 June. NHS Cancer Plan, Department of Health, 2000)You can find this document on the Breakthrough Breast Cancer website. However, if they need to do any futher investigations, that timescale can be extended.

Your Mum will be able to find out what kind of cancer she has. If she wants to know she can ring the breast care nurse, who will be able to tell her. As far as treatment is concerned, it is difficult to tell exactly what the situation is until surgery has been done. Only then will they be able to tell exactly what size the tumour is and if it has spread to the lymph nodes. Once the have that information they will work out what treatment is required.

If you are worried you can also ring the breast care nurse. I know the bcn at my hospital are happy to talk to relatives.

This is a great website, you will get lots of support and information from the other ladies, so keep posting if you need help.

Wishing you and your Mum all the best in the difficult journey ahead.
Sal x

Hi mymum

What awful timing for your family, just when you should be concentrating on your baby, this happens to your mum.

I was 39 at diagnosis. My surgery was exactly a week after this. I think it varies a bit, but they do tend to do it pretty quickly. I didn’t know anything about the grade etc until about 2 weeks after surgery, when I was told all about it and that I would be having chemo then it was grade 3, 3.1cm tumour and 5 out of 7 nodes involved. I asked for and was sent a copy of my pathology report, which helped a lot for me.

You mum is lucky to have you for support. These forums are a godsend for any problems at any stage along the way. Just ask! There’s also a section for partners friends and family.


Hi Mymum,
Well Im kinda reversed from you asI was diagnosed 23rd April and my Daughter had her baby 9th June! We have managed to get most of reciprocal hospital visits done only snag is she was mortifed she couldnt come to my 1st Chemo (yesterday) as she had a section. Its a very emotional time and you both need to support each other, we have managed very well, just remember that both of you are undergoing huge hormonal inputs and try to ride the tide before answering anything that could be construed as hurtful to either of you, Good Luck with evrything x