Mum diagnosed with secondary breast cancer with bone, brain and liver mets

So this is my first post, my name is Fiona and I am 19 years old. My mum was diagonsed with breast cancer seven years ago and under went mastectomy, Fec chemo and several sessions of radiation. She had the all clear until a year an a half ago when she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her bones. She kept generally well for the first year and seemed to be copying well. The bone mets developed however, and my mum under went various radiotherapy sessions and started taxotere chemo. This seemed to keep the cancer at bay and when the treatment was finished she started a new hormone drug called faslodex along with a bone strengthener. By unfortunatley she began having symtoms of very low calcium which is not very common and was admitted into hospital for many weeks as it would not stabilise. Scans showed no progression so we weren’t worried.


Six weeks on and we have now been faced with the horrible news of my mums cancer spreading to both liver and brain. This is just so heartbraking, and the thought of losing my mum at such a young age is so hard and unimmaginable to cope with. She has been in the hospital for many weeks now and doesnt seem to be picking up at all. Onc said she was to start chemo (taxol) and radio straight away, however my mum is too unwell just now to recieve any of these, as her platletes are very low and wont stabilise ,calcium keeps dropping and she is so fatigue and tired. All she does is sleep and has no energy. I am so worried about her and just thought if anyone could give me some positive responses to help me think positive or if anyone has been through the same. Thanks x

Hi Fiona and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read about your Mum, I can see that this must be a very difficult and worrying time for you. Along with the support you will find here from our forum users please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your feelings and concerns through with some one in confidence. Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi,Fiona,so sorry,to hear about your mum.they will get her sorted ready for next treatment but it can take a while. Your mum is so lucky to have such a loving daughter.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxx

So sorry to hear about your mum as well. Keep faith in the fact that the doctors can sort out her current problems. I to have  the same mets as your mum which were diagnosed nearly a year ago and I feel really well now so there is always hope.Your love and support is the best medicine any mum can have so just be there for her! xxxx

Hi Fiona, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. It must be such a difficult time for you at the moment. There is a lady on the bone mets thread who struggled with low calcium for about 4 months. She thought the worst but is now feeling much better. I hope things improve for you mum soon.
Huge hugs xxx

Hi Fiona, so sorry to hear of your mums progression and that she is unwell at the minute. It must be a very worrying time for you, please keep faith the treatment plans they can give now have amazing results.
Your mum is very lucky to have such a caring daughter, take care hugs J x x x

Hi Fiona, so sorry to hear about your mum…i wish there was something i could say/do to make things better. I’m sure the drs will soon sort her out… Ihave a daughter of 23 and i cant bear to think what this is putting her through, just like your mum and all the others. I am trying to get her to carry on with her life as normally as possible, although we know things will never be ‘normal’ again, will they? Nothing anyone can say will stop you worrying but i always tell my daughter that if she worries then i worry and i’m sure your mum would say the same. All we can do is all try to stay strong together.we always try to remember the saying

“To get through the hardest journey we need only take one step at a time. But we must keep on stepping”

Sending love and hugs xx

Unfortunately after I posted this on Wednesday doc told us my mum took a turn for the worst and very sadly but peacefully passed away. Abs heartbreaking losing my best pal but I know I would rather her slip away from me than suffer on for weeks! We just need to hope that some day they will find a cure! Thank you all for your support
Fiona xxx

Dear Fiona

I am so sorry to read your news.  On behalf of the moderators at Breast Cancer Care may I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family.

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Oh Fiona i am so so sorry to hear the sad news of mum, sending you and all your family my love, you are the same age as my daughter and my heart goes out to you, please take care.
Love and huge hugs J x x x

Oh no Fiona you and your family must be devastated and in total shock. My heart goes out to you and your family. Your mum must have been young. This disease is do cruel. Sincerest condolences xxxx

Fiona I am so sorry about your  mum my love to you and your family .

Fiona, my heart goes out to you and your family. So sorry to hear of your loss. xxxx

Bless you Fiona…you have had a sad time, do come back and speak to us all if you think it will be a comfort…