Mum had cancer now I have dent

Hi everyone

Just quickly, my mum had breast cancer many moons ago. It was very aggressive but she got through it and after a lot of treatment was clear for about 10 years until she died (of another illness).

At the time she was told that I would not have anymore chance of developing breast cancer than any normal person as it was not genetic. I assume she had tests for it. Was so long ago and obviously I can’t ask her and my dads memory is hazy.

I went to the doctor today with a dent in my right breast. They can’t feel any lumps or nodes but have fast tracked me and seemed concerned that mum had it.

Is it just normal that anyone with family history would be checked quickly?

Thanks xx

Hiya, I was the fast tracked due to my mum having died of breast cancer 12 years before, it will ring alarm bells with your GP but the clinic reassured me even though I was diagnosed  I was no more at risk due to my mum having had it. No genetic tests have ever been done but we both had oestrogen positive cancer which is common and had just both been unlucky . Xx Jo 

Thanks for your reply x sorry to hear of your mum passing away, it must have made being diagnosed so much more difficult. I hope you are now on the mend x I have been worried enough to self refer so I have a private appointment on Wednesday to get checked out, if all is well I’ll cancel the NHS referral fingers crossed x